Help with side textures

I need help with side textures for a island type thing (i already have a base and no corner art yet) i have tried to make it look right but i have failed to do so, it looks like its jutting out instead of going down (based on the camera angle)


Hello. I believe that a picture and/or a better description might help us understand how we can help you.

You could make a spritestacked game. @ sup3r87 made a good tutorial for spritestacking.

Here is a bundle I made, that used one object for free users.

basically i want it to look like a island side but it looks like its jutting out than it looking like its going down (following the perspective in which the game is made in)

replying to @John_Shrekinson

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added link btw

If you’re going for the perspective of the top two corner blocks, the the edges of the entire top side of the grass base shouldn’t be visible.

liek this? (top left corner) doesnt look quiet right though

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Yeah, but instead make the whole top side of the grass look like that with hidden edges

may you plz define “hidden edges”

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The top of the grass is John Cena