How can I make an enemy shoot?

So I want my enemy, to shoot. Like you know, in Minecraft. The skeleton chases after you, and tries killing you with bow and arrows. I need a monster that will be chasing after me, and trying to kill me. Is it also possible that an enemy can jummp when I jump or werever I go, he goes. Thanks!

Yes, this is possible but not sure what kind of game your doing.
Could you leave a link to the game?

this is the link

Yes, It is, use XX Agent in my game and look at his code labelled “AI Programming” . He does not move but he does all the other stuff. In the “Help” section go into some examples to help with enemy movement.

But what if I wanted my enemy to be chasing me while it is shooting, is that possible?

yes, it is possible would you like them to be able to jump? in what way would you like them to follow?

@the Kodex, what do you me by me looking in the "help section. You mean at, or in your game?

he means flowlab @Tim01 there are some follow examples in it

I would want for the enemy to jump @seamothmaster45 is it possible?

yes it is, but it is kind of complicated


So you are saying it is too hard for you to explain this to me? Am I right?

yeah basically… sorry you might want to contact someone like @“JR 01” he is good at explaining things

What all are you trying to do @Tim01?
You want the “Enemy Follower” to jump and shoot at the player?
Could you explain how/when you want it to jump and what it will be shooting?
I can also ask how do you want it to shoot? like left/right or directly at the player.

If I had to guess, you want the “Enemy Follower” to jump and shoot “arrow” at the player from left/right. If so then this is what you can do:

Some details of the behaviors:
Timer - Repeat Forever
Raycast 1 - normal
Rayacst 2 - Angle is 180
Emit - Rotate Objects is on and emit force 0


Thanks @jr01. So I want the player to be able to shoot arrows at me while it is chasing after me. Now if there is a block, the enemy can’t keep on chasing after me because of the block there, so I was thinking that the enemy should jump up if there is a block, and keep on chasing after me. Did I explain well enough?

Thats what I’ve done, if there is a specific ground block you want the Enemy Follower to jump, then you can set it in both raycasts. Right now the Raycasts just jump when it detects any block next to it.

In the picture, the Arrow shoots left and right at the player and the Emit angle is set to 180 and can rotate objects.

So if I wanted for a bullet to shoot in any player, I always have to add a number to it for the bullet to actually fly? Anyway, thank you very muuuuuccchhh. If I am not tiring you, can you do me another favor? In the same game, if you go over to game objects, I’ve made an attempt to make a wall that would disappear when I touch a green switch, but I can’t seem to make the wall or back, if for example I wanted for another switch to close the same wall. Can I do that?

What I meant to is, I want for a wall to be opened by one switch and then when I press another switch the wall would close, but on the same place.

You made the object but I dont see it in the game, but yes you can do that.
But to do this, I will show an easier way.

Instead of deleting the object, lets just make it disappear and back.
Setting an Enable block to False will make the object act like its not there (like walking through it and not letting it move) and setting alpha to 0 will make it invisible.