How do I embed a game to in fullscreen?

I know how to embed a Flowlab game into an game, but when I do that, the game just sits in the top left corner. How do I make the game cover the whole screen?

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How are you exporting your game? You’re not indie

Export and embed are completely different, see here on how to embed.

But for full screen, there is a behavior with indie that lets you click an in-game object to full screen the game. BUT as well, there should be an option inside the itch page settings to enable a full-screen toggle at all times in the corner of the game.

Edit: I did some testing with one of my games where I used the itch full-screen option. It only puts the game into the top left corner, not sure if this is something Grazer can fix or something I need to look into to add with the imbed code.


Sorry, my mistake.

I was just wondering if anybody knew any HTML trick to upscale the embed window.

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