How DO I make Game World Objects act like user interface Objects?

Mostly I am looking for the objects to stick to the page like user interface but NOT be user interface.
I dont think it may help, but I guess you be seeing what i was trying to do(The Red Squares spawn objects, I want them to stick to the screen as the player moves.)

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Why do you need this? Also, if something is at the center of your screen you can extrapolate the distance and extract the positions to do that. Someone else may come up with a simpler way lol.

Because User Interface Objects cant spawn Gameworld Objects.

They can send messages to game objects to spawn something though.

Yes, But I want them to follow the player, so that as the player moves through the world the enemys will spawn with the player
and it would look a little wierd if a mob poped from the player.

Use a spawner and a randomizer.

I tried that and it didnt go to well…

You know when using blocks, you have to multiply by 32, right?

Hold On I think I maye have asked this before, I may Need to review old posts, Apreciate the Help, WHen you play my game, touch the red gate and type in 1234(in any order) if you want the server to die.

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Nevermind, THat post was from before the forum update.

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So how would i do this?

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An Expression block lets you run functions. As long as you’re above algebra-level math, all functions should be pretty easy. The one your doing though only requires advanced multiplication.

Type this into the Expression Block;

Then put the position coordinates into the “a” and “in” inputs.

BOth x and y in both parts?

Sorry Expression is alien to me.

No, have separate ones for both x and y.

How do I inpute Multiplication ETC

The x in Ax32 multiplies A by 32.

Its being anoying, It keeps making it 32 instead of Ax32

Ok I made it work, what trigger should I use(and where?)

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Do you still need help with this?

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