How do I submit a Flowlab game to

So I joined a jam and wanna submit a game since I’m pretty good with Flowlab, but I don’t know how. Pls help

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I think you have to have a higher account than free to export games btw

You can export to PC next to the game on the “My games” list. I’m pretty sure you can then upload the file to itch. But IDK I’m poor and use a free account

I think I heard about somebody who submitted a flowlab game to a jam who asked @JR01 about and submitted it so I’ll ask him

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Hey @JR01 how do I submit a Flowlab game to

Submitting a game in itch game jam just needs the game page. The easiest way is to export the PC version of the game and upload the zip file when you go to create a game page. Then they’ll just download your game and play it.

The more complicated version is to make the game playable on the game page. You need to create a html file with the iframe (embed code) in the body of the file. Then you just upload the html file to itch as a playable game.


@JR_01 How do I do the complicated way?

This is the complicated way

yeah but how do i put it in a file

There’s several steps involved, it would be easier if I PM’d you.

how did you gat a laptop or PC or computer?

laptop; handed down from my dad ;p;