How to create Double Jump

Can someone explain how you could make double jump and not just single thanks

Hi! I already made a Double Jump Example:

You can find more examples like these on the Help > Helpful Examples Page:

Hello! Use the Jump feature that I showed you before, only make it to where when you jump it adds 1 to a number. When that number reaches 2, it sets itself to 0 and turns off the jump. Use a filter for that.

That approach doesn’t work perfectly (If the player spams the jump key). That’s why I made that example. @meburningslime

How so?

Try it yourself before suggesting a solution tho @meburningslime

I have. @PixelPizza why are you salty

because he won the flowjam

I agree


You also get a similar affect at the start of a jump if you use the default run & jump. I would also suggest a raycast.

That wasn’t supposed to sound rude.
I explained above why that approach wouldn’t work as well.
You can also search for older “Double Jump” Discussions and you will see that most people that use a filter don’t get it right.
I think that this may be caused by how fast the Filter Behavior outputs, but I can’t assume why it doesn’t work - All I know is that it didn’t work properly when the User spammed the Jump key.

But you can always opt for the option that fits your game best. It was just a suggestion, I guess.

@PixelPizza they fixed that. I use insanely fast filters for these two games, around twice every .1 second.

There were also delays with the collision… and also those games doesn’t use double jump and would be harder to test the filter delays. There always a few things that can be changed, and many are unexpected. For me, Mhx, and Pizza, we always had frame problems with delays and sets ups, and make them bug free.

Anywho, there is always more than 1 way to make something; just pizza already has the pre-built example and bundle that you can add to your game that can be about 100% reliable in that set up (double jump).

For more than 2 jump, you can make your own and use a filter, or add another timer for the cap to reset the the jump (air jump). if you see in Pizza’s example, you stop velocity on your air jump (double jump) to stop fall speed from affecting the player in the jump.

I had already shown @“Onyx dpr” how to make a jump script, so I gave him the simplest modification he can do to get his doublejump. I could give him a whole monologue about how it works and where you can go with it, and I often do lol, but he’s new so I stuck with the basics. You could tell someone how to make a CAD program on here when they are just asking for an animation script, but unless they are advanced, I won’t do that.
@“JR 01”

Understandable, but its usually best to show a screenshot instead of telling him what to add.

And for Pizza’s example, well its just an example. You can look at the code, but it helps to understand the behaviors before using them. As mentioned before, normal jumps can possibly break. The answers can be from the many examples, but that’s also learning to fix it yourself.

I have many example myself to help everyone who needs it, and copy & paste it in your games, but its preferred to not use the code if you don’t understand it.

I agree @“JR 01”

So, we both know the levels of development, and in flowlab standards we are some of the highest levels (Other than grazer, of course).
What would you classify as some of the hardest material to understand? Not as in “Oh i understand it and use it in all my games but it’s a difficult concept to learn” but “I have no idear how to do dat”
Just curious lol
Basically, what is the quantum physics of flowlab?

You mean like the behaviors or features that a average user probably doesn’t understand?
and/or like the hardest thing to learn on average?

Things that are hard for you, I, Crigence and Latif to understand. Behaviors that the elitists I just listed might be able to pull off. One I can name right now is AI that learns.
@“JR 01”