How to make a leader board :/

lmao yeah it is, keep trying

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Hello im back again, so i put in @Johnny_boy’s leader board idea into my game the only thing i need to add in is the score to keep the same through the levels, should i use a save? or a cloud what should i use to keep the score the same between levels

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Sorry if im still asking to much

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Globals save between levels, and saves save between levels and restarts.

oh so i should use globals? because if someone restarts will it set back to 0?

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If they refresh the tab or turn off their computer or something like that, it will reset.

Ok thank you :slight_smile: i hope it works, im going to test it once i get it set up, if it doesnt work is it ok if i reach out to you?

Yes, definitely! That’s why I’m here lol

Uh oh… we have a problem, i tried testing it and now it says theres an error, there seems to be an infinite loop and i have to reload the page, which i did but doesnt work

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so i cant edit or test the game at all :confused:

Change the “play” in the game link to “edit”.

You mean to “view”.

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yeah but… now no one can really play the game

No, you can go into the editor and fix it.

They can leave the editor by pressing esc.

what do i fix though? it just says theres an infinite loop?

If you used globals, you should know this.
If you activate one global with the “get” input, it activates all of them. If a global activates a global that activates a global, etc, it will create an infinite loop.

OOOOH ok thank you i will fix that

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No problem. I did the same thing when I first used globals :rofl:

Hmmm, i fixed the “get” part of the globals but its not fixing it. Sorry if i dont know whats wrong im still knew ive only been using this stuff for about a month