How to make a leader board :/

The + behavior does the same thing.

Ok i fixed it, now the only thing left to do is fix one more thing and the game will be fully finished! At the start of the first level i just get a point randomly, how do i fix that?

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Have a once block run into the global to set it to 0 at the beginning of the game.

Ok thank you :slight_smile: ill see if it works, i bet it does tho

wait, i already do… and it was doing that when i have the once block

Hm. What is the global counting?

The points, but if thats not what it should be counting then what should it be?

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No, I was just asking. Check if something is accidentally adding points.

Ok, maybe its because i have 2 globals? the only thing thats being added is like if there is a collision with a coin or a monster i will get 100 points

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this is what i see

Ok, that’s weird. Maybe just attach a timer to a -1?

Oh lol, @JTC39 the once has an input value of 1. Use a number block to make it 0.

Oh my god… it was right in front of me lol how could i not see that

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PERFECT it works, now for the final test, will it save in the next level and will it save my name

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the final test didnt work, i have 300 points and the next level it immediately resetted to 0

So would that mean i would have to use a save? cause i want the score to reset if the reload

Don’t have it do the once to reset EXCEPT on level one

sooooo should i have a switch for that?

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Or just have it a different object that does the once, and that object is only in level one.

oh well actually the behavior part is in the player so its it every level

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