how to make a random dungeon generator (Solved)

plz need it for a dungeon crawler:

Got family here today. If no one helps I can have a look tomorrow.
Do you know how to spawn a room?
As in, you spawn one object and in there you have a routine that spawns everything needed for the room. Walls, tiles … and doors I guess.

ima try to do one room

Biggest problem with requests like this is always the lack of information/details.
I remember you said 10x10 in the other thread. If you are sneaky you create a 10x10 wall object and a 10x10 floor object. Saves you using a loop to spawn every single wall tile IF the rooms look the same.


The more details are available, the higher the chance someone helps. Most are busy enough with their own projects and probably don’t feel like starting a question&answer game.

That is for everyone asking these to generalized questions. Please don’t see this as critique, just as a suggestion to improve chances so that someone can help.
Keep up the good work.

no one? Ok, I mock something up

Thanks for translating @glithctyrus :slight_smile:
And good to hear that you are close to it @meburningslime WOOP WOOP

P.S. for the next time
So you are not an native English speaker too?


@TinkerSmith is there a way to make it random?

Yeah, in the controller.
But same game again, lol, what ‘exactly’ do you imagine. Spawn one room after the other in a straight line. Let them go in random directions. etc.
The ‘exit’ parameter determines the exit direction of the new room. So there you could use a random number. For sure you would have to check that it doesn’t go backwards.
It could look like the spawn bundles within the room (spawn exits etc.)
You use a random number, check it is legit, and then use filters to provide the relevant X Y coordinates for the new room.

Good practice would be to have a design flow/diagram. First it helps anyway to get the right program flow, second it is easier to share information if you want to involve others in your project. Especially if you plan to do a co-op at some stage.
I use for example mind maps:

But did you read the discord? The best I have to say is @“JR 01” , that planning is just professional ( I hope you don’t mind I re-post it here):

Anything to collect your thoughts and to share it. Otherwise you have no idea in how many ways I could interpret ‘random’ and probably none of them is what you want. As in I would spend a lot of time guessing what you need and you would start getting frustrated too.

So yes @glithctyrus , that one was a project of mine anyway and I will add the random generator at some stage. I posted what I had so far in case someone else is willing to help you in the meantime, so that you have a starting point.
Busy trying to finish my own project and always hard pressed on time. Always willing to help with a quick&dirty, just if it gets more elaborate it might take a while.

Just in case, for me or for whoever is up to it, just post what the whole idea is and how it is supposed to work in more detail. :slight_smile:

Thinking of it, I might change the whole system, LOL. At the moment I send the exit number and then the walls have to figure out where they are allowed to spawn.
I think instead of sending 1,2,3,4 for the door direction I will send a 4 digit code to the room like ‘0110’ where ‘0’ means wall and ‘1’ means door. Each digit representing one direction N,E,S,W.
That way each room could have multiple exit. 1 if it is a dead end, 2 … what you kind of asked for if I understood right, but also 3 or 4.
More flexible.
Then I could use it with my room generator to get giant maps :slight_smile:

@TinkerSmith that’s what I’ve been saying all along…

Hey guys, please feel free to check out my wiki page on random generation. I recommend adding anything you know @TinkerSmith :wink:
I will finish it if nobody else does by the end of the week. @glithctyrus I saw you searched for how to do that, so I’m making a guide.

so @TinkerSmith so bassically the doors locations are random there can be one door for one room but 4 doors for the others and the rooms would spawn to the doors dirrection

As said, @glithctyrus that example was an initial setup to check out ways of spawning those rooms. I like hand’s on trials, it always highlights where you went wrong in your thinking and gives you ideas for the next version. Each new concept I play with goes normally through 3 to 4 ‘rework’ phases. Either modifications or sometimes a complete ‘Delete & Do it again’ … LOL

Normally I would not post something that early in development, but I thought I give you something since no one seemed to response beside the usual noncommittal advises that are floating along.

Along those lines, SWEET @meburningslime :slight_smile: looking forward to see your example, might save me some development for a change.
PLEASE don’t let @glithctyrus hang in there for the whole week, just go along with it. I don’t think anyone else will kick in looking at how long this request already lingers around.

@TinkerSmith umm thanks I think?
Could you restate that in english

@meburningslime in english that means:um try and finish in a week plz might hepl a lot and save me time-Tinkersmith 2020 this is me lol

Lol, I’m close to it @glithctyrus

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