How to make a Turn based RPG

Hi, I’m working on a project right now, and need a bit of help.

I’m currently trying to work on how to make a turn based RPG, think something akin to Pokémon, and have no idea where to start,

The game is a Roman Based RPG, where the player, a Gladiator thrown into the Arena without his sword, must fight his 5 Opponents for the Crowds Entertainment. That being an Ostrich, Goat, Crocodile, Rhino and finally, a Deadly Gladiator who has been strapped into a Cart, after the loss of his legs.

The main goal is to have the player fight four enemies sequentially, one after the other, and then have one big boss fight at the end. With each enemy having one or two moves, and the player being able to Block or hit. When each Enemy is defeated, the new one shows up, and so on until the end.

So far, I’ve been doing Pixel Art, and working on the animations of the Combatants, and I am now working on a Title Crawl after the Menu. But am struggling with how to make the individual fights work,

Any and all help would be appreciated, thanks.



If i really tried and put in some effort im sure i could make an example…

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Flowlab Game Creator - Unfinished Game This is a very complicated version, but it should give a general idea. Go to level 3 and it has a thing like pokemon. When I have more time I’ll give a more detailed response because this is actually quite easy to do. (Objects to look at are “Enemy” or “Battle Actions”) Also, after the Flowjam I’m going to be making examples so if you have any other questions I can make an example for it if no one else answers the question/makes an example for it.

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@theglitch055 is making one they might something about this

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Do note that the speed stat isn’t checked every turn, But it should be easy to fix

Flowlab Game Creator - Flowbits(alpha)