How to spawn in a specific position?

in the game, wherever the player falls, i wanted the k.o. sparkly thing to like, how do i word it, but, it plays its animation in the exact spot te player falls, like in super smash bros, where ever the player gets knocked out at, the sparkly thing spawns there.

thanks @grazer lol i see you edited this.

No problem @ShadowGaming - when you name a new discussion, try to think about how other people with the same problem might find it in the future so they can benefit :slight_smile:

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Try something like this to spawn the bottom death affect:
(Timer is set to 0)

Also since your spawning the light, you should use a once instead of a mailbox so it activates after spawning.

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thanks! ill try it as soon as possible.

@JR01 it didnt work. (202020)

boom there you go (ignore the name)

That’s exactly what I did with the image above, it doesn’t seem to spawn for some reason.

I think its because of how you set the y value you have to extract y as well

No, I mean it doesn’t spawn at all with me.
I tried with different y’s too, I just thought it would fix if he added it.

That y was extract by object of where he wanted it, so it should have the same y no matter where the player dies to be on screen at its x location.

it doesnt spawn for me either, noth examples didn’t work, the k.o. sparkly thing didn’t spawn.

what object did you put the code on

huh? (20202200220022020)

I’ve tried several objects as well

so is there no way to do this or something?..

I’m sure there is, we just need to figure out whats going on.

I can try again after work and see if we can find the issue.

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okay thank you so much! :smiley:

It worked for me(20202020)

ik that worked in that game but when i do it my game it doesn’t work.