How would i make textboxes like in undertale while the letters quickly appear

I’m making an undertale game and the only thing i could think of for the textboxes and text are alerts.The bad thing is that alerts spawn on you and they look bad. BTW i’m kinda new to all of this

Here’s the game so far: Flowlab Game Creator - Belowtale

You might find this interesting

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I had a stroke trying to understand how it works but i’ll try to make it work

Maybe you just need to be more experienced

I may be biased, but I would probably agree that RecrypText would be the best for handling what you’re looking for! It’s main goal is specifically to tackle dialogue systems like that after all!

The bundle is more suited for more advanced users though, it’s not something that will make a lot of sense if you haven’t used Flowlab for a little bit. It takes a little setup too. If you’re newer, it might make more sense to use the Flowlab engine’s label behavior instead.

But if you feel you’re up for a challenge though, feel free to ask for help in setting it up

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the only thing i would need to make labels work is if labels had any connections and weren’t just a singular object