HuckleBerry + Greggo: Low Noon Saloon - BUGS FIXED!

It’s around 75% through the jam, so I thought I’d finally announce our game and make a dedicated topic for anyone who doesn’t use the flowlab discord often.
(game isn’t available to play quite yet fyi)

Low Noon Saloon is a western themed elemental card game being developed by Greggo and I for the Flowjam. It’s played both in a top-down RPG style:

as well as a card game played on 6 tiles: (this is the meat of the game)

There are 5 elements, each with a unique buff that they gain based on how many resources of their element are on your side of the board. these resources are also your way of being able to place unit cards. There’s not really much to talk about, but we’re focusing on making the game fun and replayable, with lots of different ways to play. I’ve found that switching the your element combo can do a pretty big deal of difference to how you play the game.

I’ll post some more stuff here if I can, and definitely more stuff after the jam where we’ll likely keep adding more cards and expanding the saloon.


Main Menu


Well now partner, that do be one nice looking saloon. Makes a man what sort of business goes down in there for those sorts of profits.


Oh, wow, the more flowjam games I see the more I want to play them. :slight_smile:
this looks really cool HuckleBerry!


No… It can’t be… The legendary Greggo?! I am guaranteed to lose.

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This looks dope - well done!


legendary palm tree

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He is a legend.

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I thought it was rcreger, but I could be wrong.

(I was wrong again, XD.)
. Answers await:

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I’m pretty sure rcreger was just promoting greggo’s game (then lost regular status), rcreger never worked on ghost gunner as far as I know.
rcreger put plymouth entertainment at the beginning of their games, Greggo had pallet productions.

Also, I worked on Sol for a very short amount of time and I’m working with Greggo on this game now, but I’m not really part of either of their “studios”


Oh, ok. Well, I better edit those posts!

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Rcreger wrote a handful of the music for Ghost Gunner and helped play test as well (love that guy) and I dropped the Pallet Productions thing awhile back because it felt a bit silly seeing as it was just me lol.

Anyways, back to Low Noon Saloon work!


I remember working on Sol for a small period of time too :joy:

When there was a dev. team of all of us. That was a pretty large team.




Yee haw, partner!


Congrats guys! Looks amazing, love the saloon and vibes


:exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation: Known Issues :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation:

  • STRANGE RANDOMIZATION: most of the time, the majority of unit cards are pushed to the top with a sparse amount of lands throughout the first half of the deck. I have no idea why it’s like this. I’ll try to ask grazer about the randomize block and if there’s anything I can do about this. otherwise, I could come up with a way to slightly rig the draws to give a more even split of units and lands.

  • OP WATER SHIELDS: I thought this was just a visual issue originally, but it appears that water shields aren’t taking the correct amounts of damage.

  • WATER CARDS DON’T SPAWN IN EARTH/WATER DECK: I think I know exactly how to fix this one. For now, I just advise not using this specific deck, but you’ll still have to buy it to get the final achievement: “Enthusiast”

  • DECK STOPS DRAWING CARDS: This one is very odd, but worry not! (kinda) discarding a card from your hand usually solves this issue and allows you to draw cards once again.

I think that’s everything. I’ll edit this post if I find/remember anything else.


I loved playing this game and shared some stuff on Discord too.
It seemed complex at first, but then it’s super easy to play and understand.
I love a good card game.

I stopped getting opponents after 3 battles tho (i think the guy appeared but then disappeared)

Was still pretty fun!

Could def get addicted to playing this game ahah, well done guys!
Awesome collab team, love to see it :smiley: