HUGE bug +animation problem

this damages my game A LOT! i made the orange guy appear on all levels but he only appears in one AND and you get lucky if it works properly but it only did that once! Grazer or Mnx look at this and see what you can do. I really look forward to seeing this bug go!

and while your at it compair kubys walking animation in the editor and game.
thats also a small bug that annoys me

i need help and fast!

give a link of your game—

A link helps, a better explanation helps, and spelling my name right would be nice too lol

i mistaked H for n sorry

anyway so the orange P1 does not appear on cave,nor sky but appears on grass BUT i set him to appear on all levels, it doesn’t make ANY sense! alternate P2 has an animation problem. halfway in the animation he looks idle and then the animation starts over.

the walking animation is the only one that’s bugy

i fixed it

but sky for some reason doesn’t work

Look at my game kuby is not acting right

r is launching you in the direction you face but its not working

you cant move!!!

Blaw, in the menu it says click on your character or health icon to activate them.

what he said. however, only P2 human himself is clicked

Kuby is unstable

ok i found a bug in temple explorer.when my char runs faster than normle hes suppost to leave a trail but the trail us always on the left of him

@grazer i need help there is this bug that, when you walk near a enemy danger music plays but when you kill it… the music keeps going as if it was set to loop


I just took a look. You have the message ‘out’ being sent to stop the music after the enemy is destroyed so that message will never get through to ‘Human’.

You could try sending the message at the same time as destroying the enemy, just not after.


doesnot work