I Can Make Music for You Now! (just piano)

Hey! If you want me to make you music for a game I will! (no cost)

-I’ve been studying music theory for 3 years

-I’ve been classically trained in piano for 2 years

-I have a pretty good ear for music

-I don’t do suspense music or horror TOO much

-And I’ve written 12 songs. I just started making songs like a few months ago, but other people think I’m good!


Hey, I would be interested in what you could make! You want me to give you the link of my game?


I also have a music space that I made some time ago, lots o people put their music there, so its a good way to get feedback


Yeah can I have a link to your game?

So I know what I can make?

Hey could you make a boss chase theme

Yeah… like a… What kind of genre?


Do whatever genre I guess?

Ok I’ll work on it now!

Wait can I see your game?

heres the link:

I want a kind of calming ambience music with chiptune elements

Its for a boss fight. The game is still not finished

Btw his reply was to me

he asked earlier

bruh could you check the top post :yawning_face:

your link doesnt work

Not my fault. Flowlab acting up probably

When he first posted the link, it didn’t generate properly so it took you to a non-existent page. It’s working for me right now.

I’ve played piano for 5 years, I haven’t really started composing though. I should try!
I’ll just look into your music to get some ideas and see how well it goes.