I’m so concerned about every thing i might just quite all my accounts on everything

Nobody is supporting my games I’ve have been working on and every on takes my ideas and every one thinks its great and don’t realize that I’m the one who came up with it and their games are much worse but every one seems to love trashy games and not actually good games. I would update my game but it’s not like people will actually play it. Might as well quite my YouTube channel to since i cant get a fricken video editing software. If any one can help me please do i just mostly need help. And please anyone do not spam and say something stupid that does not relate to the topic cuz all i really need is some help ok thats all so just please HELP ME!

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Oh crap @ManiacPumpkin please actually say something to help please

Um? Not entirely sure how to help you, I haven’t actually seen anyone use your stuff, but some people probably got inspired form your concepts and made a similar game, but probably never stole it. Also you don’t have any current discussions about your game, or at least any actually being used. You need to post daily comments or keep an update log and maybe some people will eventually take a look. When you first come up with a game design, people are curious to see what the game is about, then after a while they stop asking and stuff about it since they know you are probably busy working on it, but I can’t imagine you wanting attention when you game needs finishing. There are lots of people, including me, who are waiting to see your game finished, but you can’t just going around saying that no one likes your game, or they will eventually take your accusations to be true. Also for your youtube, I would recommend making normal videos and not nonstop livestreams since livestreams are kinda complicated to do and I feel you can make unedited videos of flowlab tutorials. I wish I can help, but I can’t think of anything, that involves me, that can help you.


Live streams are easy since I’m using stream labs but i dont have a video editter

Maybe focus on working on your current game instead of trying so hard to get people to notice it, once it’s done, so many people will probably give you the attention that you want.


I fully agree with @ManiacPumpkin, you can’t get recognition without lots of effort and something to show for all your hard work


I can agree with everything @ManiacPumpkin just said. You shouldn’t expect people to notice your game if it’s incomplete and not ready to play. The best you can do is build up hype for the incomplete game, like what rcreger is doing recently. And I’ve never seen anybody steal your ideas before. It could either be a coincidence, or they took the original idea and altered it to their own imagination.
As for the whole YouTube fiasco, just because you can’t edit videos, that doesn’t mean you should quit. Pretty much every YouTuber started off making videos without edits, and plenty videos out there have no edits. So don’t get upset over something that lots of people have in common.


Just don’t go down the path I did. Either quit or continue. The worst is when you do just enough to feel like part of the community, but nobody really cares about your stuff. I’d recommend either staying with this group or finding a new video game development source.

  1. I agree you can’t force people to notice your games.

  2. I’ve never seen anyone steal your ideas

  3. I’ve tried my best to support you and your games

  4. no one wants to support someone who is just going to post a discussion like this almost every week saying that everyone else’s games are stupid and yours are amazing and everyone should stop being stupid and play your games
    (this is my opinion so please don’t argue)


Have I stood your ideas?I don’t think I have,sorry if I accidentally have.

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You realize that you can edit your posts, right? :joy:

@MetaNinja ok

Why must this be 15 characters why @grazer

so its harder to spam lol

I know ok,but it’s annoying

I notice some people who are talking of topic but thats ok cause all of you are supporting me and thank you guys so much for the help i fully understand on what to do now. Just thank you for every thing. Will you all support me once more and maybe subscribe to my YouTube channel i might be doing some more streams to “Hype people” and once i get a Apple ID and get a good editor ill make some teasers and trailers for some of my games.

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I’d disagree with you there. Building up “hype” is an amazing way to spamcthe forums and get lots of death threats.

Build up hype the right way, basically leak just enough to get people excited for your game, rather than spam do it gradually


@meburningslime - Good point, but it’s not necessarily spamming unless you decide to comment on EVERY discussion saying “Hey, this game is going to be coming out on this date. Check it out now!” Also, why would we get death threats for hyping something up? That’s just too extreme to actually happen.

And pretty much sticking to this method that spencertheball is also not spamming.


Thanks for the mention @MetaNinja - didn’t know this was even happening.

Hey @GrimProductionZ , I’d have to go with Galaxian with this, as well as @spencertheball. Build hype, but properly. That means releasing new stuff when you can. What I’m doing is posting a new tidbit every day, but not EVERYTHING, because you need to have some back up info if you get busy and can’t add anything new. But once a day - unless a conversation unfolds in the comments.

And for me, a lot of times people don’t reply to my reveals. I just post it for the people who notice, and eventually more and more people will notice. This is a marketing strategy called “word of mouth”, so instead of ads everywhere, have people spread it themselves, or take it upon themselves to look into it. Not great in the beginning, but patience is key with it. Games that use this strategy have shown to be successful after a year or two, even though it’s an unpopular strategy.
Most strategies these days is being Day One Strong. The problem with this, is that say the next COD sells 10mil copies the first month total, but will only rise another 2mil after the whole year after. Word of Mouth usually works the opposite, and grows even more when sales come in, drawing more attention.
After this, your studio will become more established, and you may develop a fan base, which will give a stronger start for your next game.

It’s all about patience.