I need a slope example

im making a game and i need a good 1px ramp/slope sprites!

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It would help if we had a link, or you’ll probably end up with a fancy sprite that stands out from the rest of the game. Knowing the art style that you’re going for is a must

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Thanks, i’ll check that out when I can. I’ll make the sprite too if someone else doesn’t get to you first!

i have a basic jump setup but it doesnt work well

Just use the line tool and fill it in and use polygon hitbox

i already have that my point isnt that it doesnt work cus it works completely fine im saying i want the ramps to be smooth the like a slope lmao and its obviously not going to be perfect because its flowlab 1px editor lmao

wait, do you want it to be smooth like in look, or in movement?

both if possible

this is what i have right now

first make the player use raycast to detect if it is currently on a slope, then rotate the player accordingly, i think those slopes look smooth already.
or you could just make player rotatable to solve all of this without coding

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also i just played the game, the ramps seem very nice already, the movement on them looks smooth and they look nice


it is rotatable lmao


um new problem other then not being smooth

what is the problem>?

Decrease the friction on the ramp to make it smoother

I believe we fixed it in the discord, its polygon isn’t good with sharp edges and turns.
For slopes, its best to bury the slope into the ground so the player can actually smoothly move onto it.


yep thanks JR!