I NEED HELP [Astro Clash]

So, this is a bit of a long one, here goes:
I am helping my friends learn flowlab so they can make their own games. One game I made with one of my friends is Astro Clash. I was talking to my friend and pretended to delete the game, but instead just denied team access! Now I am working extremely hard, for I have but ONE DAY until I meet up with her again. Please ask me and I’ll add you to join my dev team. I need this done NOW! It’s a big suprise lol

@“The Kodex” @GrimProductionZ @grazer @CrimsonBlackGames @“JR 01” @seamothmaster45 @F3Art @todorrobot @Crigence @TinkerSmith

What is it that you need help with? I could do some pixel art if you need that.
because I probably wouldn’t be the guy to help you with coding. (my code is always a mess)

@meburningslime I can help but not too much right now. Invite me. I will try my best on a phone.

@F3Art if you could do resprites that would be epic! I’lol invite both of you.

I need this all done by 2:30PM thursday!!!


@meburningslime it is thursday for me, so I’m not sure when that is. I’m in canada btw
what country are you in? so i can figure out generally when that is here.

I meant friday lol
If you could resprite everything and make walking animations for the players, that would help an insane amount!!!

I meant Friday. Tomorrow.

ok. I made a new bounce pad.
and a character (with walk)

@meburningslime So I managed, off my phone, to update the wall backdrop tile and make slopes to make the game not seem so square and block BUT, a few thibgs needs to be sorted.

  1. You cannot make money with this game using copyrighted images, like backdrop. Maybe tommorow I can make you one, but that needs to be sorted.

  2. What do you want us to add? I can do enemies, ladders, checkpoints, transport veichles, whatever you need, but what do you want to add?

Im going to add a loot box by the way as well as a currency amd some other stuff.

I have added a loot box. Unfortunatley, you cannot name stuff in flowlab on my phone so someone please name everything. @F3Art good work on the booster and @meburningslime any input on what I put above?

Hey thanks guys!!!
I want this to be kit pve, where all players are against enemies. The main boss will be a borg/imperial guard(star wars) that has moon lord combat mechanics. @F3Art just add those sprites right on in!!!
@“The Kodex” sorry but no loot boxes :frowning: maybe powerups and health kits though?
My friend wants this intensely coop, so any way we can do that is great. We only have a few hours, thanks soooo much forf doing this for me!!!
P.S. @“The Kodex” any backdrop you make i’ll use! You know what style we’re going for, and I know you are pretty talented in the art department.

@meburningslime Of course I will still try to help you but why can you not just explain to your friend that younhave been really busy and youbhave recruited people to help speed up the process of the game so its not all bad. I mean, she is your friend - She should understand.

Or is it a… complex personal case that you woyls rather not explain just leaving it at, “IT JUST MUST BE DONE.” Im cool either way.

Oh and turn my loot box into a power up dispencer… Someone… @F3Art most likley.

meburning slime im not sure how much i can do but ill try mi best 2 help if u send me an invite

Let’s just say we are both proffesional debate artists. She won’t let it go, and she thinks the game is deleted lol
@alexhay , I’ll invite you.

@“The Kodex” when she gets angry, its worse than The Hot Foods.
4 hours till showtime!

Hey, I absolutley love the reskins you guys are doing! Please go into the player sprite editor and do that to all the animations!!! Thanks so much!

I’m worried I won’t be able to finish remaking all the sprites. which ones are most important?