I NEED HELP [Astro Clash]

Player Sprites @F3Art

ok thnx

@F3Art I need sprites for the players, as well as running animations for all the player types, and weapons. Those are most important. Thanks again!

got it.

@“The Kodex” where’s that background?

@F3Art Alien 1 needs a makeup if you have time. Also, love the new gun!!

So guys, it’s almost time. I won’t be able to talk for a few hours, it’s a community event that I’m meeting everyone at. Afterwards, I’ll tell you if I go home alive or not. Thanks again guys!

hi meburningslime u havnt invited me 2 ur dev team so plz can u do that now thnx

sorry that i couldnt help :frowning:

should i make a gigatron sprite?
also i finished alien 1 and gave him a walk animation.

@alexhay ,sorry but some ofnyour recent behaviour has bot made you very trustworthy, hopefully you can help later :slight_smile:

@F3Art yes, make it a borg monster lol thx

fair point sos

gigatron is in progress

Wait is it too late to help. I might be able to do something.

gigatron is done!
pixilart link:

Thanks a ton guys!!! She absolutely loved it. I am using this game in-class as an example now.

Hey guys, just wanted to say thanks a ton again. If you need anything programming related, just ask!
One more thing: Player 1 type is supposed to be a drawvish character; short and stocky. Basically a gnome mixed with a hirogen. Lol, whoever did the pixel art, if you could, would you do that?


I did that one. Ill be on it soon.
I did most of the redone sprites as I know of, so If you have any other problems with the art, tell me.

Im really glad she likes it!

Btw do you want me to change his visor to how it is in the drawing? I can do that too.

I can also give gigatron arms