I need step-to-step of making a checkpoint!

In the latest Plymouth Interactive Fable game, A Box, there will be obstacles, and the character has no lives, so they just restart. I have already noticed the player will quickly lose interest due to the scale of the game per level, especially with no checkpoints, restarting at the beginning. So, I am asking you, my fellow users, to please educate me on how to make a checkpoint system. If you want to see the game, it is right here:


Thanks to all of you considering, and have a great day!

So first you need to know how to use the save behavior, do you know how it works?

If you dont heres a run down:
Name: write a certain name in the name spot, when you want to use that save make a new save block and use the same EXACT name.

Save: put a number into the save input and it will save it to the name you put in.

Read: you can do like once read and then have the name that you used to save and the read block will read how many you saved to that certain name.

Please let me know if you have any questions!

hehe… you sound like me @“Johnny boy”.
Rule 1 of Save behaviors: know how save behaviors work.

Saves are a good way to make a checkpoint, but not the only way.
As long the level doesn’t restart, you could just teleport the player.
But if you need things to reset, such as obstacles and enemies, then it’s wise to use a save and reset the level.

Thanks for all of the tips, @“Johnny boy” and @“JR 01” , these really helped! I will start developing a checkpoint system soon! But if there is anything else, please just comment it here. Thanks!

Hey @“Johnny boy” and @“JR 01” , could you possibly supply me with a game of yours that shows this programming (including a checkpoint)? If you don’t, it will be fine. I’ll just search through games and see if they have a checkpoint system.

P.S., I’m saying this because I don’t think I did it correctly…

I dont have one currently but I can probably make one in the day tomorrow.

But if you want it now I can try to give you a word version?
1.Grab a save block name it Checkpoint and do once in to the read input.; in the player.
2.then create a checkpoint object and put it where you want.
3. Go into the player and do collision into the checkpoint in to the number 1 and create a new save block and name it Checkpoint and then up put the number one into the save input.

When you do once read have a filter and have it equal to one. Then if it is output it to the coordinates of the checkpoint then into position.

You probably didnt but hopefully you understood that!

I will try this, and I think I understand most of it @“Johnny boy” ! Making a game for this will help me a lot, as a lot of stuff I make (in the programming) actually is inspired by other games. I will let you know if this works. Thanks!

Okay… It did not work @“Johnny boy” . But it may be because of the several different ways to die (I even took out the restart level in the player’s programming for testing), or maybe because that each time you hit a dangerous object, an alert is displayed.

You need to keep the restart also send me pictures of what you did

So I can trouble shoot it.

I can’t send pictures with this thing @“Johnny boy” … :lol: also tested it with the restart. All of the programming is still there if you really want to see it.

You can screen shot it and Im on mobile right now and wont be on computer for a day.

To get the pictures on screen shot it then come here and click the photo button and upload your screen shots when they dont show up dont be alarmed they are a bunch of letters andstuff so when you press post comment it will show up as a picture

I just tried EVERYTHING @“Johnny boy” :lol: I couldn’t even find the screenshots. Even looked it up, which says I should paste it into Paint, which I do not have. I have been told how to do this before, which failed also before, so I think I can’t do it :anguished:

I don’t have a game, but I can make it in my example levels pack.
I can also give screenshots of code if you need @rcreger.

I just made an example in my example game;
just go to the CheckPoint level

I just made a checkpoint example:

Thanks @“JR 01” an @“Johnny boy” ! I will take a look at these! You guys are always so helpful! I will let you know if I need any more help! Thanks again, and have a great day!

Okay @“Johnny boy” and @“JR 01” , so I tried it out. Good news is that after I die, I come back in a different area. Bad news is that its the wrong area. I come back to the start after I die, and depending of which number I put into the x and y, it still goes back to here…

What I want is that after I collide with T.1.M. (red cube), I want it to save, and after I die, I come back by it. I’ve looked at both examples, going through literally everything to see what it wrong. I will not change any of the things I’ve changed so you guys can take a look… What is going wrong?

Did you do once read the checkpoint save then filter it and send it to the correct position?