I will help you do pixel art, story and everything else for Your game

As the Title suggests, in basic terms, If you would like to make a new game, I will even help and show you how to profit off your your game. And for people wanting to create a new game I will even have you make a game under my name and account (Student). Now before you continue, you’re probably wondering what the catch is? Pretty simple. Just to be credited. Even if you make money off the game. How To Credit Me will be bellow. Now, With your request I will:

  1. Do pixel art for your character, tiles and background of your request

  2. I will give you some concepts of level design

  3. I will either make you a story for your game or help you with yours

  4. I will add loads of fun features to add to your game

  5. And I will tell you how to profit from the game

So don’t be reluctant, Just post bellow and tell me which, if not all, one of the requests you would like me to have completed. Now, the way to credit me is to have this image:
And maybe give it a fade in or fade out animation I can help you with :slight_smile: .

I will see I next can @GrimProductionZ . Also I will do ate some sprite sheets but cannot say when…

ok thanks also instead of making the frame default make it w 30 h 20

I might change that later

@GrimProductionZ thank you but what do you mean by game frame?

the height and width change it to default

ok that looks great add some more frames to the previous ones though

also im working on a dessert tile set check it out here: https://flowlab.io/game/view/1363115


also can you set the game frame to default cause it’s gaining to be hard to fit in with every thing

@GrimProductionZ they do but only 2 frames. Sorry but I cant give away sprites from games Like A tale of light and darkness because I plan to sell that and same with the retroscape+. BUT I can make sprites for your websites. This is a recent example of sprites: (Do NOT use!):

ok I don’t see embed code?

click copy code and paste it

I have been, Look, I’ll Screenshot this, then post this, and then post the picture:

Screenshot 2020-04-22 at 18.36.20

ok thanks

also could you give the sprites an run animation they look like the not have one

or do they?

@GrimProductionZ Deal, but these games are not finished, so I am just handing over sprites well made but are on some of my unfinished games. Is that good?

Yes sounds good are you can create different sprites for the pack you choose

Embedded Code: (Cannot be displayed for some reason but here it is anyway):


I’ll make deal if you donate a sprite pack with all your sprite you want to add to it I’ll publish it on may website giving you all the credit and featuring your game on the website as well

but if you say yes you have to give me your embed code for your game so I can put it on my sire :slight_smile: