I Will Make You FREE Sprites - Just Ask!

The whole of this is pretty self explanatory: Just ask me to make a sprite, and I will make it for you! Just make sure it is mainly appropriate for younger users. If you want some more of the mature setting (I will not do nudity), then just message me.

My other account is @rcreger - the creator of A-Box, a now featured game, and the producer Bored Reviews. You can check both of them out!

So, go on and start making request! Just know if you want a sprite sheet, it will take MUCH longer, so also be patient. Thanks!


Here is the link to the game where I will be making your sprites - flowlab.io/game/view/1210529

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This is to verify this is really me.

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Thanks @“Johnny boy” - I’m planning to do something like @Eric_Matyas , where I make a couple and show them to you guys. Here is some:

Sinister Skull -


Lost Astronaut -


Hope some of these help with anything! Also, you can improve these in any way needed! Thanks!

(And most times I will use this account to post new sprites)

This is a background for my first consumer: @“my_name (<_>)” !

This is,

Fantasy Background (TEST and CONCEPT) -


Please tell me what you think!

I’m a fan, very nice and I would love to see some more themes. Also, could you make one bigger? I need it to fill to about the top line of blocks here

Sure thing @“my_name (<_>)” - I will most likely get to that tomorrow, but I am glad you like it! Of course I will make more themes for you, and increase the size, in fact, I will remake one in your game (it, of course, won’t save) so that I can see it first hand.

Thanks for taking time to look into it, and have a fantastic rest of your day!

Here you go @“my_name (<_>)” , this one should fit in the game - and is looking better than the last! Tell me what you think!

Fantasy Background (LARGE) -


Other than that background above, I’ve also made a new example sprite! Check it out:

Idle Clown -


Tell me what you think! Also, if you want any custom sprites, just ask! Thanks!

I have resized the previous sprites to be more visible - the game sprites that are in my game are not this big, but I think they will stay the same size if you use it. Here they are:

Sinister Skull (LARGE) -

Lost Astronaut (LARGE) -
Thanks, and tell me what you think!

YES, I am extremely impressed with your artwork @rcreger

I will probably even use the sinister skull as a flying enemy in my game.

Can you possibly fix your new fantasy background to make it seamless? Right now its off by just a bit, other than that, perfect, exactly what I’m looking for

I will look into @“my_name (<_>)” - and I’m glad you liked it! I will try to make it seamless and post it in a bit, since I’m going out of football. So, good luck with the game, and have a great rest of your day!


This is the seamless background I made @“my_name (<_>)” , tell me what you think!

Fantasy Background Seamless (LARGE) -


Hope you like it!

Love it, had to make a few adjustments in the sizing and borders, but very, very good

No problem @“my_name (<_>)” - If you need anything else, just ask! I will try out a couple more themes in a bit. Good luck with the game!

Hi, I was hoping you could could just make some simple letter sprites, Just uppercases.

Hey @Pyjamaz - thanks for asking! Though, unfortunately, I wont be on FlowLab in general for most of this week, so they wont be out until at least a week more.

Sorry for any inconvenience, to everyone, who wanted sprites. This also goes for Bored Reviews, and the Game of the Week will be pushed back. Thanks for understanding, and have a great rest of your day!

@rcreger I really like the fantasy background, nice work!