-Ignore this please-


Remember when we went off topic on the Shattering Steel announcement post?

You mentioned that you wanted to work with me on a game. If I misunderstood, then tell me and I will delete the topic.
Anyways, I have one more game space on this account. If you want, we could make a game creator team. In other words, I would love to make a game with you.

Thanks, -Ember.Y

you need indie to create a dev team btw


Oh, dang.

Sadly, even though Indie would be fun, I don’t use Flowlab for selling games I use it to make games for fun. (SORRY Grazer)

I’m most sorry @DWGAMEMASTER
I thought anyone could make a game creator team. :cry:

Im a free user too.
but its ok, i dont have the money for indie,
but i might be able to hand you some assets for
your game.

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If you want to help (I would much appreciate it) then go to this post I made: My new game(Help)

Also, I keep track of the updates for my game here on this post: Vehicle Battlefield

(pst, don’t tell grazer):
If one of you makes a new account, and you both log into it, you can edit the game at the same time, and it works the same as with teams. So you can just make a new free account named something like “DW & Ember”, and then both log in, make a new game, and edit it. Like I said, it works exactly like team editing. To view the other person’s updates, you just need to refresh the page.

(another secret):
You can make infinite free accounts :slight_smile: with 3 games each. Only thing you can’t cheat is the 50 object limit, no access to editing the theme, and some behaviors like Cloud. (unless I’m forgetting something)

(By the way you can send private messages on the forums without making a post)
There’s a Message button if you click on their profile

Oh, so you’re saying that we could both share an account, and it would work like a team?

That’s actually a pretty good Idea. The only problem is that whoever hosts the account’s Email address would be shown to the other person who they’re sharing the account with.

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The only downside with sharing the same account, I don’t think you can work on the game together at the same time. It may end up saving only one users work and not the other, so I would be cautious about that.




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Wait a second, my profile says Free users can join existing teams.
All we need now is to team up with an Indie user.

They make the team and we both join it!
I think I might’ve found a solution.