Ill review youre game

Put you game links down here :arrow_down:

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ill take advantage of this: (for flowjam 2021) e

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I will send mine in once I finish.

Flowlab Game Creator - ARMAGEDDON

Ok I really like the game

art - 9/10
So I like the art style the only gripe I have is the snow that you collect in the first minigame looks like sugar not snow
Gameplay 10/10
The gameplay for this game is some of the best ive seen Enough said!
sound 7/10
Pretty good but ocasionally it would get really quiet (I blame flowlab)
Difficulty (11/10)
The cpus in this game are just god like

Overall a good game I would just fix the snow sprite and make the cpus a littel less god like

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THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! if only i had indie, so much more minigames would be added, i would drown the game xD i have so many ideas!

you think the cpu’s are too hard? and suprisingly, its very easy to make cpu’s lol.

which minigame is too hard?

In my opinion, it would have to probably be the snowman one. They all have aimbot or something, lol.

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lol, yeah, ill give them a slower speed. thats all.

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you pick up these snowflakes now


Still a work in progress, but still kinda fun. You have to move though the dungeon to find chests that give you “energy cores” and use those to power the tree (the big brown block in the spawn room). Still no ending yet :frowning:

Ok this game needs some polish

art 6/10
The art was fine I guess just looks like it could use some more time spent on them
gameplay 3/10
this is where I really started to run into some issues the speed rotation was very buggy like ocasionally my charecter would just spin out of control. also arrow keys would do this game justice
sound n/a
sorry im in school
difficulty - 0/10
you can just soak up all the hits and win
How you can improve the game

  • change the controlls to arrow keys
  • lower hit points

Has some promise but needs some work


Holy Crap this is good

art - 10/10
Wow this looks like something made by a pro artist
gameplay - 9/10
slight issues with sticking to walls but overall Illd say this is on par with excape the rewind
Sound - N/A
sorry at school
Difficulty - 6/10
not too hard not too easy

This should win flowjam


To be honest I couldnt get into the game

art 0/10
all I could see was a gradient cube
Gameplay 0/10
Game didnt load
sound 0/10

fix this bug!!!