I'm back but forgot password to main account :'(

Yo, I have not been on this website in about a year or so. My main account was @ItzBlob, but I dont remember the password/email to that account anymore since I’ve changed both of those. Just coming back to see how the community is doing. : )


Oh, does anyone have any good new games I shoud try? Seems like I missed a game jam, :sweat_smile:

Welcome back to the forums!

I’m currently working on revising an older Project, but it’s not completed yet.

Some more recent projects that I can think of is:
Flowlab Game Creator - Cosmic Stranded
Which It was being worked on earlier in the month, but I don’t know if DeadlyGumChewer, formerly Deadly_Smile, is currently working on it.

I know paisleypug just released a short, but pretty fun game: Flowlab Game Creator - Sunflower Circle.

And Flying_Fajita released a short demo/tutorial for Dunebound which is on Itch.
Dunebound by kaitaobenson (itch.io)

These are just some of the more recent games I can think of, there have been quite a lot more since your absence.

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Hi welcome back to the forums I MAKE bots and some games also I like being on teams.

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Thanks for the list! I’m looking at them right now. Also looks like Super87 dropped another banger!


Do you actually remember something about the email and password of that account? (just part it, don’t say whole of it even though you’re not actually remember all)

Nope, I’ve changed my email and most of my passwords since then. :frowning:

Still working on CS. Its final update is coming soon.

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Hey @im_on_my_alt_rn do you want a bot lesson?

You could submit a ticket from the website and see if you can get access to your account. I remember Grazer had helped users in the past when they forgot their passwords or something, but the fact that you don’t remember the email either, that might make it more complicated.

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What do you mean by bot lesson?

This is offtopic.

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Did you only change the password of that email or did you also change the email of that account?

Hey Blob adam once forgot his password so i DMed grazer on discord about it. You can try that.

I could explain these 5 sections of my bot to you if you want.
I’m the master of off topic…

My password and email on ItzBlob are my old email and password.

I know you don’t even need an existing or verified email, so even if you changed the email over time, it should still work if you knew what the original was.

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Dude were trying to recover his account and youre doing this. Honestly so rude.

I might know the original email but theres like a 20% chance I do.

So did you change only the password of that old email?