I'm back but forgot password to main account :'(

Seems like a good way to ruin your reputation.

I’m trying to teach them how to make a bot as fast as I can, I think they can read in-between the lines to see how to recover their account.

Pretty much, the ItzBlob account pass/email has my old email and password but since i’ve been inactive on flowlab i’ve changed both my email and password for other things.

Its still offtopic. I think you should be on topic. Since most civilized people want ontopic conversations in their own topic.


Alright ill tell him later in a privet message.
If you edit a post quick it won’t show up as edited.

Finally. Took you long enough.

It shouldn’t matter if you changed or even deleted the old email. Flowlab still just uses the old email for basically a username. I’ve made several accounts using emails that don’t even exist.

So then where/how do I recover my account?

But not when someone else watching you edit the post.

A little rude.

Plus, I think when you change an email, it doesn’t update on flowlab, it still uses the old one. I had this issue in the past when I lost the password to one of my older emails and created a new one. But the Forums was bugging out whenever I tried switching my email on my profile page. This eventually got resolved.


Well you were being rude yourself for being stubborn and going off topic in Blob’s topic.

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I also started using chrome so i’ll see if my old browser remembers my password for itzBlob

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On the flowlab website you can submit a help request by going to your games page and on the bottom left corner, there’ll be an icon that says, “Contact Us”. It used to be a ticket, but they changed it, but it acts the same.

It basically emails Grazer.


I’ve reached max replies cap NOOOOOOOOOOOOO

But you have to enter a valid email in the popup window. Plus, you name and message/request.

So, if you have a personal email or an email that’s not your school email (School emails typically block messages outside of the school district) then I would use that. It should still work if it’s an email that wasn’t used to create your account, but for the name or in the message, I would state your username as well.

If you try to find it in the browser history, I think you can’t because I tried when I want to play back the old website game on chrome but you know, I can’t because the browser history deleted the old one so you can’t find it.

It he hadn’t logged in since over a year ago, it would be near impossible to find that information in his browser’s history. Plus, some browsers delete information after a period of time like 30 days to 6 months or something. Some don’t, like safari on my macbook never did, but I think Opera Gx and a few others do. It’s mostly based on whatever default settings are enabled.

The curse of max replies wrecked my alt. (Don’t see contact us button :frowning: )

Aw I guess this is a dead topic now, so what account do I contact to send you the bot instructions???