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Started off as a comic book artist, and a mediocre one at that. Trust me, this is relevant to how I came here lol

SO; back when I lived in Cali, around seven or so years ago, I started writing stories about superheroes; because that was something I’ve always loved to do, write and create stories, even if my grammatical skills were absolute garbage at the time. 'Mom didn’t think much of it, and I was enjoying myself so everything was good.
Anyway, a few years went by and I had a few characters in my (unnamed) series.

  • Grant The Hero (VERY creative name, I know, look I was kid leave me alone lol)
  • Jason (Somethingsomething, I can’t remember his last name haha)
  • Hawk
  • Hacker

Anyway, these two characters were the very first to evolve into HAKK3R. I remember GTH wore pretty bright colours, which obviously didn’t transfer over to his modern form, neon blue and white, I think. Jason became Archer as years went by, he wore much brighter shades of red and his helmet was much more lightweight, but nevertheless, his suit has remained relatively the same as time flew. The colours, body shape, and amount of armour has changed, but it is clear what the origins of the suit came from. And then Hawk; one of the first antagonists in the series, and still known as Hawk today. This character used to be a pretty much straight ripoff from Falcon from the MCU until I made quite a few tweaks, threw the character away from a few years, and then started fresh. He now sports a suit with a 40-foot wingspan, and he uses it to literally slice through skyscrapers with his jetpacks and wings. And for such a powerful terrorist, he still only considers himself a merc. Strangely humble for a villain in HAKK3R… Speaking of which, HAKK3R! His suit design has changed multiple times throughout the years, but that’s not to say the old ones haven’t been scrapped, no no no!

In fact; his second suit design ever was the one he used in HAKK3R 1, with the sports jacket and green shirt, with the black slacks. Other designs include a trench coat, no visor and instead of using his glasses, no trench coat and wearing a black and green button-up puffed out shirt, and more!

NOW; how does this all relate to how I got to Flowlab? Well, I had a story. About a super-soldier fighting to his very limit to not only save his father from a terrorist but to save the city from the same terrorist who was responsible for an attack on his greatest creation yet. Very basic story, and not really thought out. But once I had that medium, then I started searching for other mediums to put it out on. It was a basic story, sure, but I was 100% certain I couldn’t do it on paper. And so? I spent upwards of three months searching for game development platforms that I could actually understand. Got distracted with my cousin’s work on FoodWars for a bit, and then when he left the group, I had all hands on deck. There were two other HAKK3R games before the actual HAKK3R 1 came out, and those were kinda just finding out what I could do. After that, I went dark for a bit with an overly dramatic I’m leaving post, and during that time, I was polishing up my story, which obviously I didn’t do enough of, considering the horrifying output, but nevertheless, when I came back, I got to work and completed my first game ever.

Okay maybe not complete, the AI’s may or may not have been garbage and the animations were incomplete and the game was buggy, but hey! The boss battles were fun! Kinda…

Anyway, that’s how I got here. One dream that started it all. And fast forward almost three years; look where I am now! So excited to show you guys HAKK3R 2, hopefully even a demo by the end of 2021, because I am really excited for this game, and I’m even more so excited to present to the community what I have learned from you.

Anyway, thanks @hihilogic for letting me tell my story of how I got here lol

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OMG. I draw comics LEGIT all the time. I have a folder crammed with them.


lol same here! The OG HAKK3R comics were like a solid 500 pages, they’re all out of order, but I still have them in my storage closet. If I can organise the pages some day, I’d love to show them off haha

A call back to the past…

I used to draw comics too. I drew DogMan comics when I was very young, but then I stopped when I realized that DogMan was already a thing.


dog-man pog?