Imagine editing your oldest post ever

You don’t even know what memes are, boi!

If ya want more like this come to The Off-Topic Channel of Destiny. I’m actually asking for help on a game rn

Omg yes flowlab this is a complete sentence

I also have more to my Flowlab history, I just chose not to write the rest to save @meburningslime from the atomic disaster that we called an essay.

My very first game on this account was called “Superstar Game”, which was similar to my old username “Superstargames”. I created a sequel game called “Superstar Game 2”, then another sequel called “Superstar Game 3: Energy Boom”. Now, however, the first two games have since been deleted, and the third game was left to collect dust. I use it as a blueprint for most platforming mechanics and enemy behaviors.

My next game was called Farland Legends. It had an ambitious storyline, with lots of characters and mechanics, but there were two problems with the game. Number one, it was terribly laggy. Number two, all of its art was just the Flowlab tutorial sprites. Only the bosses had their own unique sprites. So even if the gameplay was good and its story was amazing, the stability and art was horrible. I have not found the courage to continue the game, but I have preserved it because I am using it as a model for other storylines in my games, which is mostly just Order vs. Chaos.

Finally, came Pixel Sports, my most favorite and popular game thus far. It seemed to be doomed to be abandoned just like my previous games, but my friends pressured me to continue working on it. Now look at where it ended up.

So that is (the rest of) my story thus far.


I love essays it’s just a good opportunity for a meme. I can literally send you gigantic dissertations I’ve done on medieval combat weapons lol

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Ah, that explains my tactical nuke meme that you made. XD

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Also I won’t use it if you don’t want me to

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Just thought it was kinda funny

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Eh, you can still use it, just not too much though.

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I’ll save it for Skynet lol. That’s how well take it down!

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The next big threat to the happiness of the forum will get the big fat Tactical Nuke warning before you blast them to space with a Thesis XD

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Ok guys, move it to the off topic channel

Lol yes master


@hihilogic I found this via school. I was in a “game development” club and this is one of the options we used, stuck with it ever since. Its been about 2 or 3 years now, dang.


I think my first successful game was Terraria, which I worked on consistently for one year. After that I did a couple smaller games that were decent, then entered the Flowjam with Galaxy Trek and Notes and Waves.


notes and waves was cool

That’s fun! I’d like it if I weren’t out of likes for the day…


wait that’s a thing…

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Yup, like limits exist to prevent like spammers.