Pixel Sports - A Game Where Sports And Cubes Meet!

Wait… aren’t they squares and not cubes?
Pixel Sports

In this game inspired by Drive Ahead! and Geometry Dash, you get to play as the blue cube and play 5 sports - Soccer, (American) Football, Hockey, Golf, and Basketball - and score up to 5 points to win against the red cube. Or fight against the boss if you are looking for a timed challenge. Show the red cubes who is the real boss, and get enough coins and jewels to buy your own outfits to play in style! But you better not find my vault! It’s a secret… Play Pixel Sports now.

Beta 1.6.5 is here!
Changed the textures for the shop entrance. This is in preparation for the new shop coming in Beta 1.8.

  • New dialogue when successfully completing a purchase, or when (SECRET)
  • Labelled the Daily Loot and Daily Boss Icons
  • Finally, the Golden Cube Outfit is available for purchase for just 3,000 coins
  • Red Cubes can now wear the same outfits found in the shop
  • New “bounce” animations when the cubes jump[/spoiler]
    This will likely be the last Beta 1.6 update before Beta 1.7: Local Multiplayer Update.
    I will TRY to get the Cursed Dimension and Events finished by this update.
    I am also planning on making a legacy update that will allow you to play the game how it was originally made when I first created the game, and allow you to wear outfits celebrating the game’s history.

Pixel Sports Dungeons
No, this isn’t necessarily like Minecraft Dungeons. This game is more inspired by the dungeon levels from a very old game.

From Monday-Thursday, Pixel Sports Dungeons will open up only one level exclusive for that day. In that dungeon, your goal is to survive waves of Demon Cubes trying to catch you and destroy you and your buddies. Yes, Pixel Sports Dungeons is a multiplayer co-op version of Pixel Sports. Play as the Blue Cube, Red Cube, Boris, and Master to show these Demon Cubes who is the real boss. And you guys have a nifty little tool to help you destroy said Demons: the Sawball. A symbol for Pixel Sports Dungeons, the Sawball can destroy the Demon Cubes.
At this point in time, there is really no reward for playing Pixel Sports Dungeons at all. Right now, it is more like a test game for what’s to come.

Play Pixel Sports Dungeons now, to see what the game has to offer right now.

@Greggo thanks for the review!

You are right; I have always thought that the game modes are a bit too similar to one another. I could try making the playing field different from each other (like making it so that the blue and red cubes can only tap the golf ball once before letting the other person have their turn, or one player can).

And about the traps. Since the traps are part of the Pixel Sports story line, I am keeping them. Same with the shield bombs. But they are quite powerful either way. I could make it so that they are purchasable in the shop, yet be very expensive, or make them a one-time use in each game.

Overall, I appreciate your opinion of the game.

New Version has been made: Beta 1.1
This is a small update that mostly deals with some of the bugs found in the game.

  • Removed the borders of some texts/labels in the game, typically those whose opacity changes.
    ^ Some labels/texts will keep their borders

Vault is open again, however its entrance continues to remain a secret

  • Treasure room now rewards more coins and jewels
  • Coin and Jewel counter displays the correct number of coins/jewels
  • Due to an issue, Boss mode is temporarily disabled

Overall the game is pretty fun! However, the games are all pretty much the same. I love the concept but if you could just make each of the games feel more unique from the others than that would make the game a lot better.

Oh and also the traps you can make are WAY overpowered.

Due to me being at school right now, I cannot play your game at this time. However judging from Greggo’s review, I feel like I am going to love it!

hmm… vault, eh?

Another week, another patch: Beta 1.1.1 (updates will likely not be weekly)
Although the original date is unknown, it was around October 4, 2018 that Pixel Sports has been in development. I plan to upgrade the game further, get ideas from the Flowlab community, and eventually export/release the game into desktop app and, though unlikely, as a mobile app. I thank you all who continue to play Pixel Sports and show attention to the game.

  • Even though the previously mentioned issue in Boss Mode has not been fixed, Boss mode is open again (during weekends only, meaning Saturday and Sunday)
  • Certain texts have been given back their outlines
  • Every year, players who go online on 10/04 will be given a birthday present
    ^ 50 coins and 50 diamonds

Jewels have been renamed to diamonds, which may reduce your jewel/diamond count from before. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Just a quick update before I go offline for a while: Beta 1.1.2

  • Added difficulty ratings
    ^ They range from easy, medium, hard, insane, and extreme. You can tell by how angry the face gets over time.
    ^ Additional difficulty ratings include easy death, medium death, hard death, insane death, and extreme death. You can tell by how much the skull cracks.
  • Boss no longer spawns portals when using the super bomb ball
  • New level for soccer: Soccer normal 6
    ^ Rated hard death
  • Game no longer compatible for mobile. This may change in the future.

The difficulty rating are similar to the ones I will add to in Beat Boomer. XD. Guess I gotta rename and redo the death difficulties to something else. I also see that you took that inspiration from GMD. Nice!

Yeah, GMD is one of my most favorite games and I had quite a bit of some inspiration from the game. That being said, I don’t want to seem like I am stealing ideas, so not everything in Pixel Sports will come from that game.

Also @ShadowAxeKid , I don’t mind if you use the death difficulties in Beat Boomer, as long as you don’t copy the sprites and artworks obviously. It’s your choice.

I switched the name to rage instead of death. Also, the artwork is far more different than skulls, so you don’t have to worry about that.

GMD is one of my favorite games to lol.

There will be a small event for Halloween tomorrow (as of the posting of this comment) where the texture of some of the objects in the game will temporarily change. This isn’t exactly an update, as this event will repeat every Halloween. Also, no new game modes, features, etc will be introduced during this event, but there will be new stuff long after the event is gone.

Happy Halloween, the event is now live, and it has been extended to last until November 3rd.

Next update won’t happen this week due to medical reasons.

One last tiny update before the next major one occurs: Beta 1.1.3.

  • Red Cubes now take 2 seconds longer to turn around and chase the ball
  • Replaced the Red Cube in Boss mode with the Husk Cube
    ^ Chases the player and annoys them, and they cannot be stopped

Upcoming features:

  • Shop almost complete!
  • XP and Levels
  • Easter Eggs
  • Harder Boss Mode (will be a hidden secret)
  • More Chests in the Treasure Room
  • Even rarer currency: emeralds
  • Hero Cube
  • Missions and achievements
  • Better Movements for the Game Select Screen
  • Custom Alerts
  • Custom Mouse pointer
  • Mobile support (in a limited form)
  • More Levels!
  • New game mode: Basketball
    (Note: not all upcoming features are listed. Some upcoming features will not be introduced in the next major update!)

The winter event is here!
From today, December 1st, to New Years Eve, the world of Pixel Sports will be celebrating the holidays with a new ground artwork. As the weeks go by, there will be more winter themed skins for all of the things you see in Pixel Sports.
This will not stop my progress for Beta 1.2, however. That is coming up probably in 2 weeks.

Beta 1.2 is here!
Some of the changes you see here will be developed further as Beta 1.2 continues.

  • Tutorial for first-time players. (WARNING: Cannot be accessed again, unless you use a different device)
  • Levels and XP: Playing different levels will fill your XP bar. Get 100 XP, and you will level up!
  • Game Select Scrolling has been improved
  • During Christmas, you will be greeted with the sweet message of the holiday season: “Merry Christmas”
  • Every Friday the 13th, the game will reveal its twisted side (Next Friday the 13th coming on March 2020)
  • Custom mouse cursor

I have already began working on the harder boss. And it will be difficult compared to the current one.

Future updates might come a little bit slow.

Oh, i liked the game

Hey, thanks @“Polarbeer2019”, glad you enjoyed Pixel Sports. Anyways, there is a little hotfix to the game where the shop is now working good enough to be used by players.

How does the shop work?
The shop works like this: if you click on the outfit you want, the shopkeeper, Boris, will check to see if you have enough coins or diamonds to buy the item. If you have enough, the item will be bought. If not, you won’t get the outfit.
How do I equip the outfit?
To equip the outfit, simply click on the empty box located underneath the outfit name. Now all you need to do is go into the game and press “M” to put on the outfit.

Note that not all of the outfits may be available for purchase by the time you read this post or go into the game.

Merry Christmas everyone! You will be greeted with a sweet message when joining the game.