IMPOSSIBLE (full game)

ok so umm this game is finished yet but i wanna see how many deaths it takes for everyone to get to the blue flag



Alrighty, we’ll see if it’s “Impossible”

I’ll be the judge of that.


@DinoDev it is obviously not impossible other wise it wouldn’t be a fun game but it is super difficult so you will find yourself saying it is impossible

Beat it, but how does it finish? I just stop at this blue flag?..

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whaaaaaa??? you beat it just like that???

Yes, it isn’t that hard.

But sometimes when you run then jump and try to run again you get stuck.

nah there is no way you beat that the game is not that easy u had to of done something other then actual playing

And aren’t the assets from TheUnityGuild’s example?

I didn’t I’m just pog.

Seriously, though.

I like the animations on the spring.

thanks! :sweat: didn’t think anyone could beat it that fast so ima make a timer and u can press p to pause the game then screenshot your time and send it to me

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Let me know when you add the timer so I can speedrunnn

Timer only counts up to 1

ok timer added completley fixed p=pause r=resume

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Still only counts up to 1

Its really not that hard, but the jumping is super inconsistent.
I felt like I was speedrunning because the only way to jump high enough is holding down the run.


what hold on oh wait i know why i forgot to add a number behavior lol.

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