In Game Cutscene

This should be easy and fairly straight forward, but as the title suggests, an in game cutscene. Keyword IN game, so not a 300 frame gif, but something you experience in between gameplay. Basically, I just want my character to be still when a cutscene happens, and after, he can move again. In the cutscenes, he is still and other people in the scene are still and talk with captions bellow. This will happen a lotnin the game, so it should be something reoccurung. And no, I have not yet begun this or even tried or attrmpted to do it, but the oink will be bellow anyway. Before that happens, a shout out to @“JR 01” @Superstargames and @seamothmaster45 . An explanation and screenshot(s) of code would be the best possible form for this.


So kinda like at the end of Level 1 in NYCTOPHOBIA, its a similar idea.

This is pretty simple, just replace all your input connections with switches, just like turning off the controls. You can also add a 0 to the movement (or just forward velocity) to stop the player when cutscenes start.


Thanks @“JR 01” This will really help.