Is there a way to make a game multiplayer?

Hi guys i was wondering if you could make a game multi player without a team, like the other person could play on another computer so theres a player 1 and a player 2

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First you have to have an indie or edu account.

i lost it sadly today :frowning:

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Sorry, you can’t make multiplayer then.

alright, if i buy it again then ill check this again

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Ok. Let me know if you need any more help!

wait nvm my indie account didnt end! thats like next week so i have a week

so theres a multiplayer behavior block do i use that? because the way to control something in my game is a with a mouse, so how do i make it so it can be played with a second computer?

If you go into your game’s settings and click advanced you can click the multiplayer button which will allow you to choose the number of players in the game at once.

there is no multiplayer button :confused:

There is a max player button tho, thats set to 2 players

Hmm, I guess then that means that’s already a multiplayer game. To check run the game and scroll down and under the title there will be a spinning gear wheel if it’s multiplayer.

It says its disabled. What does that mean?

Like it spins, and then it says disabled

So if it says disabled that means that the game is not connected to another person playing the game, if that makes any sense.

To test it out, play the game in another tab.

Oh! ok, so then how would i make it so that someone else can play it with me on a different computer? instead of one

Cause if i make it so its moveable with a mouse would that work?

And i mean the second player, because right now i just have a bot

Watch this video, it will help you start your multiplayer game.

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