Is there a way to send a message to an emitted object?

I am working on making an evolution game

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You should be able to send a message as long as it comes after the object is emitted.

well, It is emitted from the object that is sending it, and there is multiple different ones, i just need to send it to the one that the parent emitted

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Names and labels are two very different things, if you change the name of one object it won’t change the name of an object of the exact same type. In this way you can choose exactly which object you would like to send a message to.

Ok. Simple explanation time. It doesn’t matter if it’s emitted. You can just send it to the type of object and it’ll work. On the other hand, you can just have the object execute some code on its creation, in the form of using a Once block (meaning: once I exist)

I think a message option for emitted and spawned objects would be great to have. It would be a lot more helpful for more controlling game. But this isn’t currently in Flowlab.

But what you can do is send a number in the emit or spawn input.
That number can be use from an extractor set to “starting value” for the new object.