Jumpy Adventure!

I’m just going to delete all of the “nonsense” posts

Can anyone? Especially @meburningslime, can you give me any updates or anything?

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Also, Good morning everyone!


Good morniiing
Just woke up lol


I’ll make a new post. I’ll show you the link

How do I make a new post?

Why would you? This one is going good

I made something of a new game

But I’ll keep replying on this one too

I recommend making the player character a capsule, it just works better for physics.

Ok. How do I make a new post?

Top left, press the flowlab icon, then press new topic.

Link: My Adventure map!

@meburningslime, why do you have a yellow label next to your name?

If you’re doing something, I’ll wait for you. I have. work to do anyway

I have a yellow label because I contributed good music to the forums for free.

ok im back what happened

Can I get that label @meburningslime?

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Grazer, the owner, is the only one that can give them out, and I’m only one of two people that has it and I’m pretty sure I’m the only one that still makes music with the title.