Jumpy Adventure!

The projectiles aren’t moving. Why? @hihilogic

set the emit speed to a number other than zero

Where is the emit speed?

here’s an example:

Emit force=emit speed

It won’t emit moving if the object it is emitting is not set to movable.

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oh right. Duh moment

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Thanks! I’ll try it :smiley:

This is just a demo, but is it ok? Please @ me if there is anything I could add. Link: https://flowlab.io/game/view/1637705

I have to go for a few hours

I am back! Do you have any updates? anyone? Especially @hihilogic

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Sorry, didn’t get a chance to play it right now. Just curious, what country are you in? For timezone’s sake.

California. USA, I can’t tell you more because of PAC (Parental Advisor Community)

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Ok, so pretty close to me. I’m Nevada and normally the last one on except for people checking in at 2am and going sleep deprived into insanity.

I am the only one you’ll find online these hours except when you harass @ManiacPumpkin (also @ManiacPumpkin1 and @ProManiacPumpkin) with notifications or when browngr hops on at 3am.
Then again, @glowbug seems about only an hour later than us and is in fact online right now…
stares with intense authority

Actually I live down in CA too!

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Better get out of California before the Texans have had enough of you and nuke the border, casting you lot away to sea!

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We have enough avocados to protect ourselves.

They have pears.

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I’m pretty young, so what do you mean?

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Texas is the FREEDOM STATE
you guys can’t even use paper straws XD