KILLER KINDNESS (Winter Flowjam 2024)

I do believe this is what a SHMUP is. It’s also intended to be a boss rush. This is also my second Flowjam game.

The story of the game is that there’s this man out somewhere in the universe living on a planet exactly identical to Earth called “threA”. Threa has evolved after the years when I first talked about it and most words are no longer said backwards.

The man had invented a gun he named the “Happiness Gun” which shot “Dopamine Pellets” which would give people extreme amounts of happiness. Before the man goes to bed he would always place it next to his real gun which was obviously used for self defense. One morning he wakes up extremely tired with his eyes very blurry. So he takes his Happiness Gun before he leaves for his daily Dopamine Shooting. Little does he know he accidentally took his real gun without knowing.

Keep in mind it’s not entirely finished yet, I still need 3 more bosses to finish up.


The 3rd boss is finished. Also instead of doing 5 DMG you now do 8 DMG due to Paisleypug saying the bosses have too much HP and stuff.

I am also creating new bullet patterns too.


I like this game. I got to boss three before this update,
EDIT: I just got to the last boss made.


Who? Boss Anger or The Lord Of Nothingness? Nothingness is unfinished by the way.

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Lord of nothingness. He’s pretty darn hard.

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Yeah he’s supposed to be hard. He’s the boss before the final, which is a Cop.

Nothingness is supposed to summon Bullet Explosions every 3 seconds I think, even when he takes a break from shooting which takes 10 seconds.



Am i right?

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There was a typo when Threa was first invented and it’s been called that ever since.


New Pause menu and cutscene when you click the play button!

The cutscene only happens once.

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There’s going to be a random mode in the game where instead of the bosses being fought in order, everytime you beat a boss a random one comes up. This random mode will also have bosses specifically made for this mode and I am asking if I could include Gamougg as a random-mode boss. The reason I would like Gamougg to be included as a random-mode boss is because this game takes place on the planet Threa, which if you remember is where GAMOUGG VS THE UNRELATABLE BORING INVINCIBLE SLIME MAN took place + it’s sequel.

Sorry for pinging you by the way.

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Yes, you absolutely can! I’m thrilled that you would ask me for/about this. I am pumped. This is gonna be sick.


No problem, choom.

I’m lonely so you can definitely ping me /j


Awesome! I’ll add him as soon as I find this bug that exists within the random mode level.

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How’s this?
Since Gamougg appears in Threa in the classic style I used the classic style as reference for the face.


That looks really good! The design looks unmistakably like Gamougg; you captured his likeness very well. If I was to make any suggestions, I’d point out that some of the pixels are are uneven [in quantity/placement], but I’m not sure if these are mistakes or not. Also, Gamougg’s skull being uneven could also add a touch of realism if that’s what you choose to go for.

Image Summary


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Oh yeah those were added on purpose. I made his boss animation which is the head moving from side to side.

There’s supposed to be 3 attacks with unique bullet patterns. Is there any you would suggest for Gamougg when I make him?

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:+1: :sunglasses:

Hmmm. I think that since Gamougg was goofier when he was younger, his bullet patterns could be a bit silly and very interesting.

One idea I just got is that the bullet patterns would spell out words. Words that could relate to the theme, to you, to Gamougg, or something else meaningful or funny perhaps. Like “mango”. Based on KILLER KINDNESS’ screen size, I would suggest choosing word that are no more than 3-5 letters.

Oh, (I thought while typing) you could do numbers as well. I wonder how it would feel to dodge a bunch of moving circles shaped like the number 1984 :thinking:.


Awesome. Although it might be hard to make spelled out bullet patterns with the emit behavior.
Also here’s the boss in game, I’m actually going to switch his SADNESS too 2500.

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Huff Huff

I got the lord of nothingness, but not past. I was using finger vibrations to spam the spacebar, which means the boss losses at least 50 HP per second. The only problem with that is that I’m focusing on keeping my hand vibrating and get hit too many times.


Dude Officer Davis is a boss that combines attacks, which means he could do 2 attacks at once. Even I, the creator couldn’t beat him but I was able to dodge every attack combo and solo attacks so it’s possible.


Nice. It’s a bit hard to see the SADNESS number underneath the SADNESS METER text though because the shades of blue are very similar. Some ideas are placing a small colored object underneath the text on the blue background, or copying and pasting an old Label behavior so you can add an outline or shadow (if you wanna keep the color the same).

That is sad, but understandable. I don’t mean to impose or be pushy, but perhaps an easier way to do this could be using the spawn behavior instead of emit for the more complex patterns (but this could get very hard and will require a lot of copying+pasting and editing XY coordinates, so…).

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