💬 Label/Dialogue Bundle - PixelPizza - OUT NOW!

Well done! I’ve been looking forward to this bundle, and it’s great to finally see it in action! I can’t wait for people to start picking up the new custom labels


Alright, updated! Gif image is now ready to download :slight_smile:

You can download the .gif image to upload as animation on the Label Object here:
Font black

The Link is also available in the Bundle on the Label object itself. Don’t worry :wink:

Logic Screenshots:

Logic inside Label object:

The Label Bundle with example dialogue logic:

Changing extra Label Settings inside the Bundle:
You just need to change the numbers to have effects like Rainbow, Shake, Background or no background, Color, etc.

Simple use of Label Bundle:
Yes, you can now display multiple & different labels even if you have multiple copies of the same object.
(Currently not possible with the engine Label behavior)

Have fun!
Thanks, I’m glad you are excited as I am - @Recryptech and @DinoDev :blush:


This is awesome, is the dialogue bubble also an animation? How do you get it to move along with the text?


I tried various ways to make the bg follow the characters; I ended up going for attachments as it was easier to ensure they all stood in place and didn’t have a “delayed follow”.
And yup, the backgrounds are frames on the animation.


When I click “Space” it drops to 4 frames for me, idk why it is doing this, it says that the expressions are only at 4 ms, and I have handled 25 ms time for behaviors with 20-25 fps. My computer is an old chrome, but I’m not sure why it tanks the fps when I have handled much larger things in Flowlab.


Hey, sorry for the late reply. Super busy lately.
Did you make sure the Label object isn’t solid? If it is solid, it will for sure overload the CPU.

The label bundle worked pretty well performance-wise on the Operation Delete game.

If you want/have a link, I could take a look to see what’s wrong - if that wasn’t it.

Also, there are missing wires and Spawns that lose the Target set when you paste the bundle (due to a flowlab bug).
I need to update this thread with instructions


I was doing it on the example game you posted, it wasn’t my own game.
It might just be my computer then. Idk why it drops so much though because the Performance Metrics show it doesn’t do much


I love this so much this will make games so much more lively