Labeling players for multiplayer

So I don’t have indie so I can’t test this, but assuming this does not work here is another method. (btw huge downside to this new method is there is a 5 letter limit) I am assuming this method is inefficient so adjust whatever you want.

Ignore the 123456789, that was for testing
The number behavior needs to be replaced with a Player Count behavior. Also all the switches need to have bundles attached to them.

Converting the name to a number

Basically what this is doing is that every time a 9 place is used (9, 19, 29, 39, etc) I add “aaa” there, a word that shouldn’t be in anyone’s name. Then I add 9 to the beginning of every number so I know where to separate it. That is then all saved to a Shared behavior (It’s a Global in the image, but that’s because I don’t have Indie)

Converting the Numbers to text

Just listing out the numbers and separating them every time 9 is used. That is then put into a To Number and into the “One” input on a number list.

If you notice anything wrong please point it out. (I forgot to add this, but you need to add a way to separate the labels in the player object, that should be very easy to do) :llama: