LAST STAND DevLog (Wave Survival)


By the Development team:

It’s a Third-Person-Shooter based in the year 2052, during WW3.

Play a cyborg super-soldier on a quest to destroy the enemy’s main-base and end the world war.


Main Developers:

Deadly Smile
Ember Ren Yatoshi

Graphics designer and artist:

Ember Ren Yatoshi

Coder and sub-artist:

Deadly Smile

Game Engine:

This time, we’re going to WIN!

It’s been a great time developing this game, I can’t wait to see the results tonight!

Good luck to everybody else joining this FlowJam!

Thank you,


I literally told everybody what was going to happen.


Now that’s just plain cool.


JUSTPLAINDEADLY is an awesome team name lol


nice. this game is a little laggy though.


JUSTPLAINOP told me we should combine names for the team and he said it was either DeadlyOP or JUSTPLAINDEADLY.

It’s obvious which one we picked.



Yeah, every enemy uses 1 proximity, but I’ve been having trouble replacing it.

Any feedback on the game?

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By the way, when we submitted the game, the point-at in the boss broke and so did the HP, it was working fine beforehand.


Well, the jam is over, Sup3r87 won (Congrats).

And now I’m going to make this into a wave-game.

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It would seem to fit better that way.

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Yeah, Open world shooters are not very fun.

Yeah but I still like exploration games with guns.
I’m a huge fan of metroidvanias.

But I suck.

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Oh, also, should we delete or keep World 1?

I’ll be adding some code that will stop the open-world mechanics from working, so no one will actually be able to play it anyways.

Keep it but maybe just make it so to access you have to go into the editor.

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Ok, it’ll be a little reminder of the original idea.

This is now officially a DEVLOG.

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Which updates do you want to be pinged for?
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This is the level. The Alloy blocks mark the enemy spawn-points.

We can make multiple maps.

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Hm… sure. Do you want to work on the second? Be sure to outline the spawners in Alloy and make a few hiding places.

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