Lost some sprites do to a bug @grazer can you give them back

Yeah I’m fricken mad I just lost like 2 hours of progress on a beautiful sprites I created and now it’s all gone some one better fricken fix this now!!!

@grazer please help

What exactly happened?

Litallry all I did was make like 2 hours of pixel art for my game that me and @ScrapStudios where making I come back on and their all corrupted and I lost every thing and can’t retrieve it back and I’m not redoing it all

Happens to me when more then one of my team are working at the same project without knowing that someone else is editing too.
Normally you get a warning, along the lines ‘You want to keep your changes or the others’, but not always … and then ones work is lost …

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Yeah, that is also a possibility

Well .@grazer better fix this and put my game back the way it was

And I wanted @grazer to see this but no just a bunch of people are giving opinions but don’t realize I need fricken help!!!

@GrimProductionZ we understand your situation, and believe me, this type of issue happens to me ALL THE TIME, so bad recently that I can’t even edit my games anymore. But just calm down a little, nothing will get solved by shouting and letting out foul language (no, you were not cursing, but “Frick” isn’t exactly a word that you should say in public).
Does something happen to the browser or website when the issue occurs? After it happens, what does the console log say? (F12 or Ctrl+Shift+I) And what browser are you using? Firefox? Chrome? Edge? Explorer? Or anything that I never mentioned?

IM ON AN IPAD BRO. How am I suppose to do that.

This has nothing to do with my dang browser I created this discussion so I could get my sprites back not figure out how it happened. So please @grazer @grazer @grazer @grazer @grazer @grazer @grazer @grazer @grazer @grazer @grazer @grazer @grazer @grazer @grazer @grazer @grazer @grazer If you be so kind and actully respond please

Fun fact, whether you use mobile data or Wi-Fi, a hiccup in your connection, or a storm outside, can desync your connection to online services, whether it’s video streaming, gaming, or even just flowlab. It’s important to save often, since you never know when this might happen to you. It’s been a thing for decades. You play a game, or write a book report, but didn’t save, power goes out, you start over. It would however be convenient if flowlab constantly pinged for packet loss, and alerted you if there was a connection loss from the servers, so you can immediately stop right there, and not waste any more time offline, until the connection is reestablished.

Omg I saved the dang thing and can someone get @grazer to somehow give me my progress back I made this dang discussion to get it back.

i havent accountedthis problem yet but one of my friends did

If there was a connection problem you might think you saved, but it might not have ‘arrived’ at the server.
In that case not even grazer can help you … he can not restore what never arrived. Otherwise I’m sure he will do what he can to help.
Lesson I learned from this, also save your images to your local drive.

I understand your frustration @GrimProductionZ, but please keep it calm

Flowlab’s image editor is a nice way to make quick images and edits, but, people should seriously be using actual software, and keeping folders of all their images as backups. Microsoft Paint is roughly on par with the Flowlab image editor, but GIMP is a pretty nice free Photoshop alternative. It doesn’t matter really which program you use, but know that making all your images in Flowlab means that you can just as easily lose them, and not have backups.

Good morning. Seems that I misses ALOT.

Hey @GrimProductionZ, I’m sorry to hear that your sprites got corrupted. Can you post a few more details to help me track down what’s going on here?


  • Link to game
  • Name of object
  • What time did this happen
  • What should it look like vs what it does look like
  • Any other info that might be pertinent

Also, it may be too late, but please don’t edit the sprite again until I can take a look at it - this will avoid saving new “bad” sprite data over top of what is on the server.

@MetaNinja - I wasn’t aware that you were having issues updating your games as well. Is there a thread already here on the forum about it? If not, please make one with the details, or join the Discord and DM me there.

I’m currently working on a bugfix update, so if anyone is experiencing bugs affecting their games please let me know and make sure I have it captured in Trello so I can get it fixed.

Hello, Nice to meat you.