I’m making my very own game jam
-Prize = a drawing, i will ask what you would like, if you don’t want a drawing, then we can try to make a comprimise

Current game jam: #4 is coming soon

-Don’t use premade assets from flowlab
-you have a deadline to complete under a specific theme (could be something like fantasy OR top down)
-must submit game to this thread
-Game engines that are acceptable: Scratch and

Game Jam #1 theme:

Game Jam #2 theme:

Game Jam #3 theme:

Game Jam #4 theme:
super heroes
no one

The jam has ended

However, no one competed, so there is no winner, oh well, see you all next jam

Yeah, i can’t really see this taking off. Flowjam already does what this does better!

I mean, the only way i could see of salvaging it is adding something completely new but that seems like it’d be hard in a game jam :confused:

I’m not trying to be rude or anything i’m just saying i don’t have much faith in this idea!

WOW!, No faith much

I mean, I’m also going to announce that I’m doing a game jam on almost all my Social Media platforms

1st day has ended, remeber, thejam ends Sunday

I felt bad that no one has agreed to join, so I have joined this gaem jam

I, too agree to this game jam :3

Here’s my game!

It’s not really done, just making sure at the end of the jam the current version will be played.

try it out now :wink:

Dang, I’m making serious progress with mine

holy crap @simple_doge6 that jumpscare scared the bejeebus out of me

i just created mine just for fun :v

Added another monster :v
the hallway monster can now KILL YOU
protect yourself by closing the door (hold)

From now until Friday I will not be active for I will be at GDC 2019, I will be playing and judging your guy’s games on Sunday. Please continue and have fun

Also incase I miss the deadline as well, will update further:
EDIT: I couldn’t come up with anything else so I guess this is my submission for the Game Jam

House of Horror!
This is a quick one, not much in the junpscare department and kinda cartoony but pretty fun anyways.

Nice submissions guys, remember that I’ll judge on Sunday, I’ll set a time of 6:00 PM for final submissions

Added another monster, aka. Shadow dude :v
He’ll start to solidify somewhere in the room (ive made him appear in one place for now)
and just click on him to reset his solidification

Remember everyone! Game Jam ends tomorrow at 6:00PM