Make an enemy move around

I am making a game where there is a boss. I need help on how to make the boss fly(move) around randomly.

Normally in games, there are a series of artacks that go toward a player, but if yiu want randomizers, go to logic and math and click a randomizer. Then make every number do a different attack or movement.

Can you show me an example on how it is used
Look at SCP 354.

I would disable “is Solid” and “affected by gravity”, so it will fly around the stage without colliding with the platforms. Use 2 random blocks for the X and Y velocity.

I don’t understand

For a randomizer, have the randomizer go into the velocity. That’s it.

What do I use t activate it? And did i do it right?

Use a timer

Is it possible to make the monster so it doesn’t hit the platforms, but it hits the barriers to keep it inside the map.

Do an extractor for the X and Y. Put them in filters and set the filters for the number of pixels {coordinates times 32} that your arena’s border is in. Then if the filter passes, position the enemy 32 pixels towards the center.

I don’t think I understand how to do the filters part

if your arena is 10 blocks large, then have a filter test if the enemy is 320 or more in X. If it is, use the position block and a number block to subtract 32 from the position.

can you check it? i don’t know what i did wrong

Screenshot 2020-05-27 at 10.27.58 AM

do i do that or not do that? i don’t know what i did before

Put it in the +y, not the Y.

is it x or +x


This makes the character move closer to the middle by -32 pixels. If you do X, it moves the charater to -32 pixels, or -1/0.