Making text Blink and clicking buttons to make numbers go up and down

Hi anyone that can help. lol

I’m making a demo for my company and I thought flowlab could solve my problem.
I have this interface with a screen that I want to turn on. In addition, I want the user to be able to click and hold the * button on the interface for a second then the display number will start blinking. After The display number is blinking user needs to be able to click on the up and down arrows increasing the number and decreasing the number on the display starting with the hundreds column pressing the star button once to move the tens column and again with the ones column. Below is a video of what I’m trying to achieve with Flowlab, there are also a few photos.

Thank you for your time!

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Just use a toggle switch that gets 0, and 100 and input that into the alpha of the label.

To make it go up, just get a number value of one on mouseclick and message it to the label controlling object, message -1 for the down button.

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Thank you. Also how would I be able to put the number on the screen? It has to be a specific font I have on my computer.


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labels, they have built in fonts but the “digital” font looks exactly like the one in the image.
You could import the font as a gif and use the custom text example made by one of our community members, but you shouldn’t need too.


Thank you for your help! I’ll try that


I believe this is the custom text example Galactian was talking about

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