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I need help making a racing game. I got the name done but, we have a long checklist to go

  1. Characters
  2. Background and track
  3. Coding
  4. More levels
  5. The final release | which I’m excited about!

Any ideas? @meburningslime? @ManiacPumpkin?@hihilogic?


You could have the characters be your friend’s avatars. Or just make some up!

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remember - pixil-frame-0 (14) :upside_down_face:

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:upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

Hm… Look at the lists orders, we need to follow that order

Hey @beanies_bugs, would you mind making a race car, it seems like for you, this stuff is like for noobs. For the competitors, you can just change the colors.

sure! Would you like it top view, side, back…

Maybe for the characters just have a female and male and then you could have a customized avatar menu with 3 pieces of clothing each section? (pants, shirts, shoes, hat, hair)

Just and idea


For @beanies_bugs, top please. Thank you! And for @Yorkie2323, I have beanies_bugs helping me out for that, so maybe…

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I feel like this is a flowlab problem. I can’t edit my game, when I click edit, and then tap esc, its isn’t doing anything… This is a problem. (2 hours later) Maybe, not? I made the track, all I need is the cars and then, i’ll experiment with the nodes/blocks

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@beanies_bugs, two things.

  1. Just a reminder if you forget!
  2. Also a thank you.
    Also, shameless plug (said by meburningslime) there is a game that meburningslime made, called till we have faces, I’m not really a part of it, but yeah. Go and check it out
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Lol, he was there for the release.

But yeah make it @beanies_bugs lol

lol. But I’ve already set the course. Tell me if you wanna change it.

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Just while we wait for beanies bugs, how do you make a bot that follows a track at a specific speed? That would seem impossible

You mean a velocity block?

No, an AI bot that follows the course at different speeds.

possible, just hard work.

Nice profile change too. Looks like fundy