Minimalistic Mini Competition?

@“my_name (<_>)”, lets go for 1 object

I’m in!

that could actually work very well with lots of animations! You could make a whole game with just a player block!

@“JR 01”, do it

How about something like this?

10x10 playing field.
10 objects max (the fewer the better).
10 colors max.
4.0 pixel grid.
minimal sfx and music ok.
10 days to do it (start on Apr 20 and end on Apr 30. 5 days to recruit participants?)

Any other suggestions or stipulations anyone want to add or remove?

Sounds good!

The project I was working on for this crashed so I’ll need to start over anyways.

judging can be voting by participants and based on the following category’s:

Simplistic art style (How good the simple art looks, no losing points for minimalism.)

How strictly minimalistic and simple it is (how well it followed the theme)

How fun the game is to play!

Any kind of tie or close call is won by the most minimalistic

Also 1 level max. Prepare for a wave of the most lag friendly games in the history of flowlab

Winner gets… nothing! The most minimal prize!

they get bragging rights


I like a ~5 object game
Tht would be lit!

@grazer , does this forum have a poll option?

Would help to sort out things like this and keeps peeps engaged :slight_smile:

Hey @TinkerSmith - unfortunately, this forum is garbage and the poll feature is broken :frowning:

Hey @grazer You should participate in this game jam just for funzies!

Uff … how do we now aggree on the specifics, LOL

Just got back and almost forgot about this, I’ll start on it now.

Arrrrgh! My “minimal” game has already become too complex to be functional. Not sure i have the skills to save it at all – let alone keep it within 10 object or fewer. I might have to start over with something new if I’m going to have something to show by the 30th. Harrrumph.

No worries, is just for fun anyway :slight_smile:
Hospital work kept me busy all week anyway so I start late too. Was too worn out when I came home.

@todorrobot ,
10 objects ? 10 sprites, right?

hmm… I would like to say no @TinkerSmith lol
Sprites are the images of the objects, so several animations may be on 1 object so like with several sprites…

…Not that its like a hint of what I’m doing for the contest… just… explaining it…, yeah.

Alright! Started from scratch and got something similar but functional. Well, similar style-wise. The game itself is totally different. A mini challenge is not the time to try to crate a whole new game engine Ive never attempted before. Haha