Minimalistic Mini Competition?

Uff, was able to throw something together … was quite the learning experience with Flowlab. It just wants things to be done it’s way and not mine, LOL
Not happy, but also no time to do something else, so here it is:
Juggler Title

For whatever reason it sometimes needs a restart to work, don’t ask me why. It could be easily extend with a high-score list, etc. but as said, run out of time. Help yourself if you want to extend it. My work will keep me busy for the next couple of days (no weekend for me…)

For the newbies I tried to keep it as organized as possible. Should be easy to follow the block flow. My advice, keep it bundled up, LOL

Nice, I keep procrastinating cause I’m over complicating it as always.
Not that its bad, but I’m over complicating the simplicity (makes more sense when you see it).
I’ll try to have it done by April 30th.

@“JR 01” LOL, I know the feeling. That’s why I had to throw it out here before I start all over again.

Ima just casually add a comment here to bring it back to the top of the forums, didn’t mind me.

Also, LOVE the game @TinkerSmith


Ill have mine in tomorrow. Just a few loose ends to wrap up.

As promised! Here is my submission to the Minimal Game Jam:
I had a couple false starts but managed to get this in working order over the last 5 days.

Please enjoy
(3 waves of enemies and a Boss Fight!)

WASD to move / SPACE to fire

The “random” generator sticks a bit sometimes, and those silly robots shoot the wrong way occasionally but I feel like this is one of the more fun games I’ve created. The game sometimes takes a cheap shot right at the beginning when you’re getting out of the car, but things restart pretty quickly.

You can also use 2,3 and 4 to skip ahead to the other waves if you want to be a cheater, just be sure to let yourself get out of the car before you try to skip ahead.

Thanks for playing and give a like or a comment if you enjoyed it.

Nice @todorrobot,
I’ll have mine done by tomorrow, I’m still procrastinating but its almost done.

Aw man… I missed out… When does it end?

@“The Kodex” tomorrow

The perfect amount of time @“The Kodex” lets see what you can do in 24 hours!?

HAHA nice job. Love the Bruce Willis ‘RED’ style slide out of the car at the beginning, fun to play. Ok, took me a minute to realize that I am NOT supposed to shoot the customers … :open_mouth:

Final Coundown Peeps :slight_smile:

Hey, when does it end @TinkerSmith ?

10 days to do it (start on Apr 20 and end on Apr 30.


… I might just wait for another competition to come. I literally have no time to make a game in the time that I have now. I’ll just wait for the next competition.

` ~~~~~ THE RACE IS OVER ~~~~~ `

And the entries are :
  • @"my_name (<_>)" with 'SNAKES!'
  • @TinkerSmith with 'LCD Juggler'
  • @todorrobot with 'MINIMALL MAYHEM'

Thank you so much for participating :slight_smile:
By the look of it we have 2 winners (don’t count me in) and it is really hard to pick the overall one.
Both are minimal in their own way and hit the theme on the spot.

So Peeps, comments please :slight_smile:

@TinkerSmith, man I just woke up after an all nighter.

Man, I like all of these.

Here, I’m just gonna give the category they exceed at:

@“my_name (<_>)” 's “SNAKES!” 10/10 of not what I was expecting! Very creative with the use of objects! Very entertaining with so little objects!

@TinkerSmith 's “LCD Juggler” Great graphical use (not sure if you made them, but they worked!), and honestly very challenging and really makes you focus!

@todorrobot 's “MINIMALL MAYHEM” Simplistic but easily distinguishable art and genuinely fun gameplay and flashy animations!

They were all good! I’d like to see these turned into actually games with more development, these are fantastic starts to games that are very fun and entertaining!

Here’s mine, I didn’t know the exact time it was suppose to end.
I stayed up to 7am and just woke up, so I hope this counts!