More tutorials

Can someone who knows everything there is to know about Flowlab PLEASE make some higher level tutorials on YouTube or something?

People that come to mind:
@“JR 01”
And all you other pros!

Also @grazer can you give me the embed code to the pixel editor I wanted to put pixel editor on my website so people can make there own pixel art without being on flowlab :slight_smile: please

Also all my videos I make will be on the website including sprite pack downloads (that I made)

Also this has nothing to do with this topic but can you update flowlab so you can delete your one discussions i have a lot of useless ones i want to delete and remake

couldn’t find the original discussion for updates grazer should add so just add it here sorry about it but just thought i through it out here

also the update could decrease lag since a lot of discussions are not even being used if they be deleted then that will decrease lag and storage :slight_smile:

Ok yeah sorry for somethings

hey @grazer i was wondering I’m might make some tutorial videos on my YouTube account I’m wondering if you can add sponsor them on so people can just go to the help page and find the videos there instead of having to look it u on YouTube or going to the forums to get to my tutorials it be very easy and simple. PS thinking about the community :slight_smile:

I’m still here, just taking a break is all.
I’m currently taking a hiatus by staying a few nights at a friend’s place. I still have a habit to check the forums daily even if I I’m not at my computer.

After tomorrow, I’ll be back on here helping anyone who needs it. I myself have a list of stuff I still have planned to do, such as revamping and simplifying all my examples, fix up NYCTOPHOBIA and start on a few other projects with the help of Baronwasteland.

I also would like to start on a Tutorial series in the next few weeks but I’m still trying to figure out how to do that and what all I need to demonstrate/cover. I create a separate post to ask and cover more on that later.

Also @grazer,
I’m going to start (trying to) keeping a list of bug I come across on a notepad instead of going around them and forgetting about them later. If its anything else that’s major or just ideas, I’ll still use discord to address them.

I appreciate the kind words @“The Kodex”, although I am not sure about my capability in becoming a moderator…
It is probably close to 0.

Why is everyone so keen to become moderator?
What options would that give you that would improve the helping others part?

Curve ball:
What if we could like or rate answers like on other forums :slight_smile:
Then you get a nice feedback and user rankings.

What @grazer needs is another administrator that knows the traps of Vanilla Forums, so he can stay focussed on Flowlab itself.
Forum setup and plugin management is a task for itself. Been there, done that, pain in the…

Glad he didn’t mention me…

First off. Well said grazer

Second off, I’m not sure if the forums really needs moderators. I do think that an update to the forums layout would be nice because currently its kinda hard to keep track.

Third if you are actually adding moderators I’de be willing too and I have irl experience that probably qualifies me.

I am a he, and it is really special to me that you would say that! BUT I am not sure I am qualified for that sort of thing I do try my best to help, but what exactly have I helped with?

Hey @grazer , There are few of us, on the “Average or above average” level of flowlab, on here full time, and maybe could be modderators.

I am litterally on here 24/7. I have been offline flowlab recently but not off the forums. Whenever I see a new forum, I. click and see if I can help. I have been on here a year and have even subscribed to student by pursuasion of my teacher.

@seamothmaster45 Seems to always be online and tries his ot her best to help on the forums,

And @Superstargames who I would say is on a greater level than average is alway helpful on the forums too.

@meburningslime would also LOVE to be a modderator and has been trying to become one for years. Hr helps around the forum. Though currently on a break from flowlab I don’t think he would miss the chance for this.

I think there should be TRIALS for becoming modderators, and it is optional to try because as discussed before some may not have the time. And these Trials are note for the dev more than play skill.

The trials could be split into 4 parts:

  • Knowlage

  • Creativity

  • How to handle being a modderator quiz / test

  • Why? Explanation

Personally, I’m not sure about @seamothmaster45 and @Superstargames , but I would LOVE to get a chance to become a modderator. Just a thought. @grazer you probably have a very logical reason to why this idea would not work but I thought I would mention it anyway.

yes he is worthy, but is it what HE wants?

Hey @“The Kodex” - there’s no question that @“JR 01” is an absolute pro when it comes to Flowab, and a really helpful person as well. Unfortunately I don’t think he has much time to devote to game development these days anymore.

@RageDayz @“JR 01” account is fileld with tutorials that have been a godsend to me and other flowlab users. A medley of useful things to add to our games. Check his account out, you will sre a lot, though not enough. JR 01 is a flowlab Pro. No questiones asked. @grazer I think he should be a moderator. He has been VERY helpful on the forums and is exelent on using it. I think you should consider it.
He is worthy.

Glad everyone is calmed down.

And @Tim01 i will check your stuff out!

“claps” very well said

@GrimProductionZ - The forums are great, but not everyone using Flowlab spends a lot of time here.

Just an FYI: PixelPizza reported nearly every bug (with a detailed bug report) that was fixed in the last two releases. That is an effort that helps everyone, you included. I would rather nobody waste threads slandering any other developers, but especially those that spend their time helping to improve the engine for everyone. Maybe think about how you can help the community out instead?

This is the link

@RageDayz I have made tutorials online that I will help you, look in this discussion, I have a link to my videos. Remember I upload a video every Thursday at 12:00 P.M.

all good, sometimes you just need to blow off steam