Multiplayer and random generation

Hello, question how would random generation work in a multiplayer game? Would it not be possible or is it really complicated?


It depends on your skill level for how well you could pull it off (Also multiplayer is pretty bugged, grazer needs to fix it :angry:).

Random generation is very easy, I’ve made a very flexible example for dungeon generation and map generation is also very easy using the example by thebrickccentric (I built THIS with it).

Adding multiplayer is hard due to how bugged it is (the Share behavior doesn’t work). You could make the entire map with Shared objects, but Shared objects should be kept to a minimum, so making an entire map with it would be pretty hard on the engine. I do have an idea that should work very well for multiplayer map generation (The performance would be like a normal game basically), but I do want to keep this idea a secret for possibly my own games.