Multiplayer light problem

Hi, so I’m making a online multiplayer game and I’m trying to make the game really dark and the player will have a light. I’m following the example grazer made:

The problem is that if all the players have this and each others dark object are next to each other then one will cover up the other one and vice versa.

Instead of using a dark overlay put a translucent wight circle over ths player for a similar effect

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I don’t think thats gonna work.

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Try it first man, i would show you but im still not home

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I don’t have a translucent light circle.

I was actually looking online to find something that would help and just about most Gradient generation websites should be able to create radial gradients for exactly what you need.

I used:

And I was able to create:

I just copied and pasted this from another discussion, but I found this website where you can create custom gradients, which work perfect for lighting.


You want to work around with the transparency and the Blending behavior for it to actually blend well with the environment.



Ok this topics over.

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Uhhh, what was the need of posting this?

So I could mark your topic as over.