My Adventure map! V1.0

So, basically, it shows in pixels, instead of like, a whole block?

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So, i did the math, it equals 816, is that right @glowbug?

Wait, no, I’m dumb. Get each value separately so don’t add the X or Y values and instead add 16 to both.

X * 32 + 16
Y * 32 + 16


Why isn’t it spawning? Try it out, can you send me a screenshot? Link: Plus, I’m sorry for a trillion questions. I don’t know. :slightly_frowning_face:

Make sure that the connections are right and turn the switch on.

Also make sure hat the number in the filter is equal to the number of targets and have change the connections to IN, not ON.

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What should the global and switches type be?


It should look like this in the end. Make sure all of the connections are correct, the ones you have are slightly wrong. Both switchs turn them selves off, there should be nothing in the ON nodes.

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I tried, but the number shows a random hundred number:

The IN on the first switch is supposed to be connected to the GET input node on the number behavior, not the + node.

The filter needs to be set to 4 since there are 4 targets.

Oh, It works! Thank you so much! I just had to tuen that second switch on. Link: Any ideas?

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What should I add to the next level?

  • A boss fight
  • A pokemon reference
  • Make a new game right away

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Oof with the poll, but yeah.

Hello!! great game you got there SUGGESTION TIIIIIIIIIIIME


Add More levels maybe enemies and thats it good luck with this game!!

um…check your spelling please, but ok

better i fixed

Ok, I’ll try your ideas

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I have to go for a few hours, Be right back! But i have one more quetsion. How do I increase the trust level, no of another user

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Make a space between the poll and the question mark.